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World Dangerous Alligator Pictures

I love alligator movies and pictures, Alligators have been from 2,00 million years on this earth. Alligators¬† have been found from Dinosaur’s age and many scientist considers that Gaint Dinosaurs had been changed their form and sculptures into this condition. Alligators have two species: American Alligator And other one is Chinese Alligator. Most of the alligators like living in dusty and salty water Lakes. These can be live and stay along time or you can say several hours in breathtaking water places for hunting. It can be easily jump over its own height below water.Alligator’s over population creates many problems for human being such as mostly alligators attacked on human beings for get their food like as other living creatures.Alligator’s bite cannot take anyone’s life but it give roll over them and it became a dangerous death-roll. Here I collected some dangerous shoots. You can see easily alligator jump in pictures.

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