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Fast and Furious Cars Collection

I am biggest fan of Fast and Furious movies series and i am also like racing movies and want to also do that in real life. This is collection of fast and furious cars which is used in movie that cars normally called modified or custom cars. Custom cars have own look and own attraction. Apparently, there’s still gas in the tank for the The Fast and the Furious franchise. Fast Five, the fifth installment, lived up to studio expectations, at least from a box-office perspective, quickly separating moviegoers from $86 million of their hard-earned money on opening weekend. That not only marks the second-highest-grossing car-themed flick opener (2006’s Cars was $60.1 million), but it’s also the biggest April debut ever (2009’s Fast and Furious is second). Here are 25 best cars pictures collection. These cars are super fast and ready for race.

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Amazing And Funny Cars Parking Fail

In these days car parking is really become so worried think because peoples have a lot of cars but place is short for parking. But below the post is not describing in from of you about parking place problem but they telling you how a fool park a car in parking place, this collection is called parking fail pictures, These pictures really taken on right time and its also become famous. Sometimes wrong car parking become a accident purpose.  Most of peoples don’t care about parking area they just park the car and go inside any building. In list of parking fail girls are also included because 70% girls driver park the car on wrong side or hit the sign board etc. Here is also some pictures of funny accidents which may should make you happy and change your mood. Have a look on below showcase of funny car parking fail pictures.

Funny Car Parking Fail (1)

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