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Life After People In Pictures

For countless causes, natural and human, people have newly abandoned or if not forsaken a number of places around the world — great and little, aged and latest. According to Wikipedia, Life after People is a TV documentary sequence where scientists, structural engineers and other specialist wonder with the consideration test concerning what the world may be appear if humanity at once vanished, and the collision humanity’s vanishing may have on the atmosphere and the fake feature of civilization. Here I am presenting some surreal artworks below regarding this amazing topic.

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25 Amazing Hand Drawn Typographic Artwork

This is collection on fantastic typographic artwork this is not computer mad typography this made by hand. In past, we have already showcased a collection of Typography Artworks that you liked a lot and here in this post we have also gathered some of really mind blowing Hand-Drawn Typography for your inspiration, all these examples are carefully selected for your inspiration. Unfortunately we don’t know about the artist name but his/her artwork is really appreciated. Some of them are completely hand drawn while some other are initially sketched by hand and then scanned into Photoshop or Illustrator. So let us take a look at them.

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