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Beautiful Koenigsegg Agera R

It’s not every day that Koenigsegg reveals a new super car, but the Koenigsegg Agera R  is more than a welcome sight.  This Swedish stunner will be one of the fastest debuts at the Geneva Motor Show this week, with more muscle than a freight train under the hood.  The Agera R is powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an astounding 1,115 horsepower.  For the record, that’s 100 more horsepower than Koenigsegg’s last supercar, the Trevita.  That power will push the Agera R well into the 200 mph range in a matter of seconds. Aside from the muscle, the Koenigsegg Agera R is a machine of rare beauty.  This version, one of likely just a few to be produced, features a Speed Racer colorway with an emphasis on pure white with black and red accents.

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30 Beautiful Prototype Cars Designs

Every man want a beautiful and fastest car which increasing his personalty and also give good drive. But i have car collection which Every person cannot purchase it easily due to his value. These are Very beautiful and so expensive car in different color and designs. These cars are called prototypes cars. These cars have amazing feature designs colors and its looks so pretty and its so comfortable and give smooth and easy drive and its totally better then the others normal cars. These cars really super fast and engine voice and working also superb. These cars looks more beautiful after some body and body color modification.  Lets take a look our 30 cars collection .

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25 Most Beautiful Vector Cars Designs

Vector art is so popular art in the world and most of people spend all life to do this only. Its really amazing fun art and every body don’t do this, its so technical and difficult. i want to tell you about vector art, Vector art is Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique. The word itself is a portmanteau derived from a combination of “vector” and “pixel. These are really cool and amazing Vexel illustrations done by amazing digital artists. This is collection of vector cars and vector is also name of a corporation, Vector Motors Corporation is an automobile manufacturer originally based in Wilmington, California. Its history can be traced to Vehicle Design Force, which was founded in 1978 by Gerald Wiegert. Vehicle production began in 1989 and ceased in the 1990s. The company was recently revived (as Vector Motors Corporation), and is currently developing a new super-car. Vector is credited by some as America’s first attempt to compete with European performance car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus.  Lets take a look our collection and i hope you must like it.

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Dan’s Wild Wonderful Street Cars

Wild Street is a heads-up class for any and all types of vehicles from 60′s muscle cars to late model factory Hot Rods. This class is limited mainly by a small Drag Radial Tire (275x60x15) Frame rails both front and rear must retain stock configuration, ladder bars allowed but with a slight weight penalty. any single power adder is allowed, including the use of Nitrous Oxide Systems, Centrifugal or Roots style Superchargers, and Turbocharger combo’s up to a Single 98mm or Twin 72′s. This class will defiantly will live up to it’s name WILD!!!!! So Lets take a look beautiful and amazing Dan’s wild street cars.

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