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Wonderful Alien vs Predator Metal Sculptures

Sculptures is also type of art and peoples really love every type of sculptures, Sculptures are made for anything like sand sculpture, metal sculptures etc. It’s starting to get crazy how people are making sculptures out of anything. There are almost no creative materials left to use, especially all the ones that belongs to the metal category. Speaking of that here are some very good Alien vs. Predator sculptures made of car parts. Now for those who don’t know what Alien vs. Predator is, it’s a American sci-fi movie from 2004.The aliens and the predators are very creepy, and their suits or whatever they are made of is metallic material, so the auto parts just fit perfectly. All of them are a part of a metal art event in Bangkok, and you can see how some of them are placed out in the wild so they will look even more scary. When speaking of crazy metal sculptures, you should take a look at these 250 year old ones, but still modern-looking.

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