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Beautiful Vector Girls Artworks

Vector illustration is a popular technique of many digital illustrators worldwide. Like you can see in following images, the painting is not limited to Adobe Photoshop. Some images are close to perfection in imitation of reality, others are easy to be recognized like graphics because of less details on hairs or other elements. But, if you can see the footprint of CG, is not because the artist had less skills there. You will see for instance images from 2005 (like is portrait of Elijah Wood) which are so full in details, in years when the vector art was not so easy to be achieved. Keep in mind the vectors are used in special for print purposes. On a banner what cover a building, or even on an apparel, those details doesn’t matter, because on a banner canvas (some are call “mesh” too) or an a t-shirt, the quality of details is limited by printing procedure and texture. Below are all images are example of beautiful vector artworks.

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