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Andrew Smith Nature Mix Photography

Nature in any face look so adorable they always tech the humanity with differnet faces, Every day Nature colors is special and different, everyday nature give breath the new sun and moon with differnt colors. everyday the saky color is chnaged and give awesome look. so i decided to post here nature related images so i found a great photographer pictures. The photographer name is Andrew Smith. Andrew Smith is a photographer and designer based in New Zealand. Here we have mix nature photography. the very first image of this collection is really awesome its look like sun goes in sea and sea waves are upper the the sun but its not sea waves the sky cloud looks like waves. Here is 20 best images collection.

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Amazing And Funny Cars Parking Fail

In these days car parking is really become so worried think because peoples have a lot of cars but place is short for parking. But below the post is not describing in from of you about parking place problem but they telling you how a fool park a car in parking place, this collection is called parking fail pictures, These pictures really taken on right time and its also become famous. Sometimes wrong car parking become a accident purpose.  Most of peoples don’t care about parking area they just park the car and go inside any building. In list of parking fail girls are also included because 70% girls driver park the car on wrong side or hit the sign board etc. Here is also some pictures of funny accidents which may should make you happy and change your mood. Have a look on below showcase of funny car parking fail pictures.

Funny Car Parking Fail (1)

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25 Best Example Of Photography On Right Moments

Photography have a lot of kinds i cannot know all these but here i present here best kind of photography. Today i am also going to share with you an amazing photography kid which name is Photography taken at right time. Its really hard task but its give funny result. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes this ain’t exactly right. Distance overlapping, positions, and timing can sometimes create a brand new perspective of a photo. This weekend, we want to show you 25 Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angle, a compilation of photos taken at the exact right timing and angle, thus creating a humor side of the story; intentionally or unintentionally.

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Interesting Photos From Google Earth

Google earth is the virtual globe and earth map in which we see anything which is on the earth. It is created by Keyhole, Inc, its give 3d view and you can also see your home roof by google earth and if you find a town then its really very helpful to you, you just add in your mobile and its work and you can find your goal. Google Earth displays satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth’s surface, allowing users to see things like cities and houses looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle (see also bird’s eye view). The degree of resolution available is based somewhat on the points of interest and popularity, but most land (except for some islands) is covered in at least 15 meters of resolution.  This is collection of those photos which capture by Google earth and these are superb fantastic.

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30 Best Example Of Morning Dew Beauty

Today I am explain here the beauty of morning dew with 30 fresh images. This is really amazing to see nature beautiful moments. Dew is water in the form of droplets that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning or evening. As the exposed surface cools by radiating its heat, atmospheric moisture condenses at a rate greater than that at which it can evaporate, resulting in the formation of water droplets. When temperatures are low enough, dew takes the form of ice; this form is called frost. Because dew is related to the temperature of surfaces, in late summer it is formed most easily on surfaces which are not warmed by conducted heat from deep ground, such as: grass, leaves, railings, car roofs, and bridges. On this gallery, there will be only grass, butterfly, leaves & flowers. I’ve sorted some of the best morning dew photos from internet. Enjoy the gallery!

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25 Really Funny Sports Moments

I am agree that sometime really funny moments occur but not mostly, only photography is the tech that they make sports moments funny, if you capture very right moment on very right time then the result is must be funny and amazing which should like it and you should want to share with other, Here we found some really amazing and funny moments of sports which should make you laugh because these pictures taken at very right time. Sports photography is really demoralizing form of photography. At the moment to capture a motion of most exciting instant you have to manage lots of things like lightning affects, true excitement and motion, if you will loose your concentration all affects of photographs will be ruin. Lets a look on 25 Moments Of Most Exciting And Interesting Sports Photography and putout your thoughts as comments.

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20 Mindblowing street Painting Artwork

The 3d street painting artwork is not much popular in old days but its become so much famous in only 0ne year, Different of artist just love to paint the street and make some interesting thing on public street which attract the street walkers and most of people like to take a funny picture with 3d street painting it is not much more critical to take picture very right angle and if you lose your angle then you lose your picture and your picture is not look 3d and real. After making the 3d street art is 2nd most important thing is photography which is taken from right angle and right height. Here we have some of amazing and interesting 3d art painting artworks pictures which should inspire you to make own artwork from outside of your home but be careful if you lose then your home front is looking funny or bad. You can see in these images a coffee cup painting, a man on tree, super man, and evils.

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