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Celebrities Without Eyebrows

This is the part of photo manipulation but i would like to add in mine celebrities category. Just think how katy parry look without her eyebrows, Definitely she look weird and not beautiful. Some people get tired of seeing rich, beautiful, famous people being rich, famous and beautiful. If you’re one of those people, you probably secretly appreciate celebs being passively taken down a peg. You might be the type to appreciate a few photos of them looking freakish and ugly in some manner, like if they were missing their eyebrows perhaps? For anyone who’s drunkenly shaved their eyebrows (as we assume EVERYONE has) you’ll know that no matter who it is, if they’re missing their eyebrows, they look at least a little bit like Gollum. Here are 10 famous female celebrities pictures which should make your day best.

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30 Awesome Photo Manipulation

I am fan of photo manipulation and i also make some manipulate some pictures but thats not professional looking. I already posted many photo manipulation images and my all images are different and unique. Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception, through analog or digital means. Usually, photo manipulation is used as an art form or for commercial use to create more sleek and interesting creative images for advertisements. Creative retouching could be manipulation for fashion, beauty or advertising photography such as pack-shots (which could also be considered inherently technical retouching in regards to package dimensions and wrap-around factors) One of the most prominent disciplines in creative retouching is image-compositing. In this article you can see 30 impressive examples of photo manipulation.

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25 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Artwork

I have a lot of collection of photo manipulation pictures which is really super  interesting and you can also find here. This is really very enjoyable to make funny photo manipulation or manipulation artwork. With the numerous photo editing softwares out in the market, you just can’t help but play with those stock photos. It’s amazing how people can come up with awesome photo manipulations. It is a crazed fusion of photography and digital arts. You can only imagine what tricks they have under their sleeves to come up with such unique ideas. Imagination taken up a notch! Each image makes you wanna say wow! These digital artists just can’t get enough of improving and innovating their love for art. Every photo manipulation tells a different story that somehow, reflects the artists level of imagination and creativity.

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Most Amazing Face Manipulation

Technological interventions and innovation has touched various aspects of our daily life. However, what would happen if the concept of movie Face-Off comes to reality? Imagine a kid’s face getting swapped with ex –President Bush’s face or an elderly person’s face with his or young counterpart. It would look amusing but the level of confusion it would create amongst all is worth noticing too. Probably it looks way to funny in the graphics had it been a real situation the world would have become too chaotic. The film stars’ faces and imminent personalities faces would have been in high demand had it been the case. An underground economy, trading in swap faces might have also emerged out of the blues.

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Self Portraits Photo Manipulation Of Pierre Beteille

Photo manipulation is mine favortie topic therefore i try to to put here amazing manipulation artwork whic youreally not seen before. My most of manipulation is random that is mean those manipulation collection have not any artist. Today i am showing you an amazing photo manipulation of great artist of Pierre Beteille. Talented French artist, Pierre Beteille, is skillful in manipulation of portraits (specially his own self portraits) using photoshop.This is how he describes himself: I am not a photographer or an artist, I just make images. I shoot very average or even bad photos that I try to improve thanks to Photoshop.Not only a photoshop guru, Pierre Beteille also works as art director, web designer and flash designer.Here are just some his brilliant Photoshopped portraits:

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30 Awesome Photo Manipulation Artwork

Photo manipulation is also like an art in which we can change real picture into modify picture. In the old days photo manipulation or photo editing is not such popular like these days its just used in government issues. But this era of technology now you can do everything which you want to so anything just just order to a machine robot then they did for you like that photo manipulation is become easiest thing and now every peoples of the world should know about manipulation and our children also can manipulate the image mostly teen age boys and girls make funny manipulation of friends. Photo manipulation is really so amazing thing and also entertainment way. Photo manipulation allows creative designers to do amazing and interesting things. In this post we’ll provide inspiration with 30 high-quality photo manipulations from various designers. This photo manipulation is really so much amazing and wonderful and should amaze you.

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20 Random Extremely Photo Editing

This is another collection of beautiful and random photo manipulation, Photo manipulation is also like art in which we change real image into edit image. Photoshopping is slang for the digital editing of photos. The term originates from Adobe Photoshop, the image editor most commonly used by professionals for this purpose; however, other programs, such as Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photopaint, Pixelmator, Paint.NET, or GIMP, may be used. Adobe Systems, the publisher of Adobe Photoshop, discourages use of the term “photoshop” as a verb out of concern that it may undermine the company’s trademark. Here are number of weird manipulations. These photos are really so creative and werid . I hope you really enjoy this photoshoped pics.

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