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Beautiful Examples Of Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is almost certainly one of the most admired function areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used widely. One of the focal motivations for that is its facility to merge genuine photos with vibrant colors and digital painting to emphasize some beautiful details which makes this software ideal for this kind of work. I am also using this software and i think its better then the others, it’s a brilliant art to covert a simple image into a good photo manipulation.

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Amazing Pictures Of Floating Bicycles

Levitation is the most amazing and recently renowned field of photography. Some people like to capture floating or levitation photos. Levitation concept is not new in China history. It takes from the kung fu and karate art. But recently now Chinese photographer Zhao Huasen photographed hundreds of cyclists going about their way in Shanghai. He then digitally erased the bicycles from the snaps, parting only their shadows and the oddly floating rider peacefully pedaling away through thin air. Riding a bicycle after a couple glasses of wine might make you feel as though you are floating. But until now I had never imagined what it might look like to actually float while riding a bicycle. Chinese photographer or artist Zhao Huasen’s “Floating” exhibit shows exactly that: regular everyday people floating while riding invisible bicycles.

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Creative Examples Of Photo Editing

Several designers use photoshop for photo editing and photo manipulation is the trendiest art form now days. You may think to see these images really artistic and fantastic and some people also get inspired and want to create some photo edited images like below pictures. It is not much easy but not much difficult only try hard and repetition requires perfection. I have gathered what I think are some great examples of photo manipulation. As you will see these photos variety gives incredibly clever effect to more on the great side of photo editing. May be your masterpieces will get popularity and you will be admired in your circle. We are presenting here 20 beautiful example of photo editing renamed as photo manipulation.

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Photo Manipulations By Erik Johansson

Several things are forever extremely appealing to observe for the reason that as photo manipulations – and that’s what is imperative – they provide a realistic vision of an illusory image. Erik Johansson, is a free lancer photographer while he is studying engineering but he has passionate for photo manipulations. He is from Sweden has a sense for good ideas for manipulations. He is a professional photographer and retoucher. He creates images after retouching in a quite different style or you can say that he gives a unique touch to an ordinary picture. Such as you can see in the very first image a couple in which the beautiful daring girl presents the levitation. But we all know that levitation is not real. It is just photo manipulation. When you go into the stream of this wonderful post you will find such amazing pictures.

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Tyler Gray Humorous Advertising Photography

Tyler Gray is an reward charming North America living humor advertisement photographer. I really like this type of photography because advertisements photography is full of entertainments and humor things. His photographs presenting the funny things in the world, his photography collection is really stylish and the hyper real, constructing a photographic narrative that blurs the line between reality and imagination.  Tyler’s images come from a outlook of the world from side to side his eyes, ears and mind creating a unique and immersive body of consideration aggravate photography. When he’s not behind the camera, Tyler can be found altering diapers, hanging’ with his two youthful girls and catching up on sleep. Tyler’s clients include Budweiser, LG, Sony and Subaru among others.

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Outstanding Example Of attractive Photo Manipulation

Photo treatment or photo manipulation is the artwork of photo mixing of different effects and techniques to photographs in arrange to make an illusion or deception, through analog or digital means. It is a kind of digital fine art that attract photography, illustration, and graphic design all at the similar time. Photo manipulation is well-liked because it gives a realistic vision of an imaginary picture; you should have an open intelligence as get-together thoughts on how to get creative with your images. Photo manipulations are also a huge basis for inspiration, usually because designers can convey their originality through a variety of feature of design.

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30 Extremely Examples Of Photo Retouching

This is collection of a question that what happened after photoshoot or photography, In these days every type of photographer use different type of software for making better a photo. After photography any miner change in the photo with the help of computer software is called photo retouching and you can also say photo manipulation, Photo manipulation and photo retouching is two of a kind. In photo manipulation we can change all the thing like backgrounds and add some special light effects which destroyed the originality and its look alike artwork. And in photo retouching we just change face color and filter the skin spots just only these two things make picture so beautiful. So we presented here Photo Retouching 30 examples so dont waste the time and have a look.

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