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Beautiful Totemic Figures Painted By Matteo Arfanotti

My last post is on beautiful animals and animals classification is leopards, Today My post is on art this is really an incredible artwork. The love for art in all its forms has led him to choose a course of study that would let him know and experience personally and in different areas, without being academic influences. From drawing to painting, from installations to scenery and architecture and design: these are the challenges that Arfan­otti agreed and allowed him to grow a con­science and an artis­tic knowl­edge through a process of growth and individuation finding its own language, com­mon his entire artistic output.

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Beautiful Artworks by Wen Xi Chen

Wen-Xi Chen, also known as acidlullaby, is a digital painter and artist from the United Kingdom.  She started to paint digitally at the age of 13 and, realising the number of expensive oil brushes she’d save from the consequence of not washing, and never looked back. Wen-Xi is a master of capturing the beauty of the human form, and many of her paintings involve a pose frozen in time, expressing emotion and feeling through the use of vivid colors and lighting.  Today, it’s my pleasure to feature 23 of Wen-Xi’s beautiful paintings here. Thanks for reading, everyone, and enjoy.
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