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Digital Autumn Colorful Photography Inspiration

Nature is mother of everything they did amazing wonders which out of human minds and human cant have ability to copy that things, Every day nature creates awesome colors in sky which is not remain same everyday even after some hours nature changes the colors and lightning and make sky very beautiful. Most of talented artist starts theirs works with nature beauty some make paintings on waterfall or colorful sky and some take nature scenes as it is in cameras and those result remain same for a long time. Today I am posting here on amazing and beautiful autumn season, this season is really so beautiful and romantic most of photographers take nature photographs in autumn season, its reason the beauty of nature in autumn. Lets have a look our beautiful and mind refreshing collection of autumn photography.

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25 Magestic Tree Photography

Nature always looks beautiful in any face, You want to become a photographer then must start you journey with nature photography like sun set and sun rise photograph and season, lakes, and mountains photography etc Mountain photography is hard subject but tree photography is really wonderful and easy subject. Not that much I can say about photographing them other than “If you can see it, you can photograph it,” which I’ve always believed in. And here, that means “see” as in “perceive” i.e. visually comprehend. I do however make it a rule of thumb that even if I think I know (and photograph) the best “side,” I try and make it a point to walk all the way around my subject, just in case another attractive composition presents itself.

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Breathtaking Example Of Sunrise Photography

My last post is on funny category its name is Amazing and funny cars parking fail that post is really become laughing purpose for mine friends. Today i am going to do some change and add here awesome beauty, Its not beauty of girl its about nature beauty, lollllzzzz. Sunset or sunrise timing is both so much attractive and wonderful and they are really lovely and enjoyable to see that moment from high place. Today here is photography of beautiful sunrise photography which is so colorful and make me speechless. beautiful The first few moments we find right as the sun breaks for a new day is a very special time. The quality of light is usually amazing and makes fantastic images. Below is a collection of beautiful photographs captured in the light of the breaking dawn.

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Wonderful Realistic Photo Manipulation

This is collection on beautiful and realistic manipulation of nature pictures by Michal Karcz. Manipulation is also an art to change the real picture into manipulated image. Michal Karcz was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. He has graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw. His journey into the world of photography began in the early 90′s, but at that time Michal’s biggest passion was painting. Painting helped him develop vision that was hard to create. But this is not painting listed below these are super duper realistic manipulation. These are high definition pictures everything is clean and clear. It is extremely mountain beauty pics, peoples loves nature beautification therefore i posted here amazing nature pictures manipulation for entertainment.

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