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Kotakoti The Real Life American Barbie Doll

Did you ever seen Barbie doll in your real life? Definitely not so no need to dis-heard today I am showing you here an American girl pictures whose really look a like a Barbie doll due to hair styles and makeup and also due to the dressing style, Recently, a 16-year-old American girl named Kotakoti, she take own group photos and her style be similar to Barbie, so she became popular on the Internet. The girl has a small glowing face, delicate features, coupled with the too slim figure and body, she looks like a Barbie doll that is coming from the cartoon, known as the “live version of Barbie dolls.” And she is also look a like anime girls, look closely and you definitely fill like that, lets have look below collection and don’t forget to leave your review after the posts.

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