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Wonderful Digital Illustrations By Matei Apostolescu

This time I am presenting the awesome digital illustration artwork of Matei Apostolescu. His technicolor art pieces are absolutely appealing. In my opinion, I mostly like his comic use the magic scheme of the magnificent art. In his unique technique, Matei Apostolescu is able to create every topic give the impression trippy and latest and could still create Sigourney Weaver second guess her deadly horror of aliens with acid circulatory structure. Trees, a skull, a race car… all are transmogrified into the exclusive image of Matei Apostolescu when his graphic manipulations are over and set free on the world. One chillier entity about this artist is that prints directly from his shop (linked below) are really low-priced and reachable to anyone.

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Creative Digital Matei Apostolescu Artwork

Creative and digital artwork by Matei Apostolescu. Hailing from Bucharest, Romania, freelance illustrator Matei Apostolescu creates incredible works of digital art. A 27 year old graffiti artist turned illustrator, Matei uses a broad range of tools from rotring pencils, markers and spray paint to Wacom tablets, Illustrator and Photoshop. As you know that illustration is also is type of artwork and creating these type of illustration is not easy work. Below you will find a small sample of his highly detailed and colourful work and weird artwork i cannot tell you about it because its weird shapes but some is really so beautiful like illustrator car, lion artwork, colorful tree etc

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