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15 Most Beautiful Lorenzo Duran Leaf Artwork

You already see many many artwork specially leaf artwork. Leaf art is really so hard and time taking art. Most of artist spend a lot of days only on a leaf carving. Today i am going to present here most amazing and awesome artist which really make awesome artwork on leaf this is really called real leaf artwork. Spanish artist lorenzo duran uses leaves as the canvas for his cutaway art. after washing and drying the leaf, he carefully cuts away segments in a technique akin to those of traditional spanish picado, chinese jianzhi,german scherenschnitte, or swiss papercutting. Here are 15 best his leaf carving pictures. Its just the way to inspire you.

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Wonderful Stunning Leaf Artwork

Today’s art is really so amazing and incredible, leaf carving and leaf painting is not easy game to do its really hard and leaf are so tin therefore they break it easily. Leaf carving art is one of the newest art forms in recent years. It’s inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. Selective leaves are carefully chosen from the Chinar tree which is native to India, Pakistan and China. Chinar tree leaves closely resemblance the leaf of a Maple tree. Once gathered, leaves are then put through a 60 step process such as shaving, pressing, curing, dying and so on. The outer surface of the leaf is carefully removed without cutting or removing the leafs veins which add detail into the subject matter of the carving.

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