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Another Demotivational Posters Collection

I love to share demotivational poster. I also here show 2 post with 30+ images. A motivational poster or inspirational poster is a type of poster commonly designed for use in schools and offices. The intent of motivational posters is to make people achieve more, or to think differently about the things that they may be learning or doing. This is not how everyone views such posters, however. Art Petty, for example, in discussing innovation writes that it “cannot be mandated or legislated, and it definitely is not inspired by the corporate motivational poster”. But in this time motivational posters doing a good job different designers use this thing for different purpose. Its create a lot of fun. Designer makes take a common picture and change into funny denominational posters. Have a look our funny posters collection. see whats wrong with harry poter.lollzzzzz

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