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30 Deadly Rooftoper Photography

Before six days ago i attempt a deadly photography photos, in deadly photography some peoples are sitting on very high roof even you can see whole city, sitting on the roof building which is so high is really so dangerous because if you are there and you did a simple mistake then you should lose your life and you fall from the roof and with in some second you are dead. Today i am going to share with you an amazing photography which is really so dangerous and little mistake could be change everything, after looking below listed images you should agree with me. Today collection on teenage or youngster photographer they may start the career but after these type of deadly photography they should become popular. I really did not want to do just for a picture and i also stop those peoples whose did like below photographers.

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Amazing Anti Gravity Yoga

If you are know yoga then you must like below pictures and if you are not then you also like below yoga steps because its anti gravity yoga steps, Antigravity Yoga is the latest fad incarnation of yoga for New York’s fashion-conscious. A contraption consisting of a hammock suspended from the ceiling allows people to stretch in entirely new directions, including upside-down. AntiGravity Yoga is a fitness regimen designed by Christopher Harrison to increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. The technique was originally created for athletes and gymnasts and has since been modified and perfected for the everyday athlete incorporating components from dance, Pilates and calisthenics. I think yoga is necessary for everyone but its really very helpful to dancers.

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25 Best Example Of Zombies Photography

Zombies are the half dead person who eat human meat and drink human blood as i seen in movies they just bait the normal person and after that the other person also changed into zombie,in these days the hollywood directors make a lot of horror files which is depend on zombies. Is this real that they are really exist between human and they kill humans in mid night? what ever we say some of peoples believe on it or some of peoples are not believed. I am also not believe on it because in these days media is too fast so if any activity occurred in any place then media should caught it. Here i have some of zombies pictures collection which is really so horror and i swear i never want to see in real and also you dont want too.

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Big Lebowski Face Tattoos Designs

Tattoos is an art in which a tattoo designer draw some different type of shape on your body with some indelible ink they just insert into skin layer. Tattoos have so many types some of people like temporary tattoos which is remove after some time mostly models and celebrities use temporary tattoos, tattoos making purpose is decorating and spiritual uses, memorial tattoos, for fun and also its use for identification. mostly identification tattoos use only gangs members. every gang have own identification with specific tattoo designs. Here i am presenting the most famous celebrity face tattoos and celebrity name is Big Lebowski, As you know is so popular and her fans love to make  a tattoo on the body here i have 15 images of Big Lebowski face tattoos. Have a look below and enjoy your time.

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25 Interesting Photo Manipulation

All of us are aware how advanced the technology is today. Today you can use computer programs and make what ever you want in digital form. Photoshop like one of favorite people design program is better then ever.  This  you can see here in showcase consists of Photo effect techniques for creating fun and illusion in terms of Super-Giant people and animals. Result is an amazing collection that gives a realistic view of an unreal scenes and highlight incredible fun in these photoshopped images. Lets have look our beautiful and amazing photos manipulation. Its really so amazing and biggest.Lolzzzz

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20 Best Pictures Of Animal Manipulaton

Photoshope is the an application to editing the images, Photoshop is using for different usage like in our past its only use for political issues and its not popular and that days its not a baby games But now in these days its so easy like a game and its also enjoyable and entertainment. Now in these days the teen age boys and girls make a weird image of any friend with the real image. Some of people use it professionally they take an picture and make it more beautiful and interesting in others worlds the using the manipulation in the  images is now child games and its only doing for fun…Some of artist take it very seriously and make different type of art like digital art, photo manipulation, creative artwork. Here i post some really so creative example of beautiful photoshop pictures of animals. Lets have a look.

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Time Traveling Reflection Photograhy

Time Traveling Photography is too be so beautiful and surprising for me and also for you i think so. We all are know that time is go on and go on and go with human age. Every one love to remember the childhood. Here we have some of photos which show you time traveling photography. Photography is the art, science, and practice of creating pictures by recording radiation on a radiation sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors. Photography uses foremost radiation in the UV, visible and near IR spectrum. For common purposes the term light is used instead of radiation.  Photography has many uses for business, science, manufacturing, art, and recreational purposes.  In all of photography world the reflection photography is too popular. Lets have a look on beautiful and amazing pictures of time traveling.

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