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Beautiful And Stunning Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

Independent designer Sasha Selipanov from Berlin Germany is the brilliant mastermind behind the Ferrari 612 GTO idea which is without a question one of the most stunning Ferrari design we’ve ever seen. Seeing as how the 612 GTO is just a concept and was individually made, there are none specs, but we are certain Sasha had large-scale horsepower in mind when drawing this one.  Many futuristic vehicles find their way around the web these days, some of which make it to output and some of which should have not ever been glimpsed at all. The Ferrari 612 GTO is one in a million and we are joyous to feature such an incredible automotive conceive. It’s regrettable to believe that this design will probably not ever make it to production, but we can habitually hope somebody from the Ferrari conceive group will gain inspiration from Sasha’s masterpiece.

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