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15 Most Unusual Usb Designs

This is my first post on usb designs, I really hope that its also become famous as my old post become. Today I try to add best and unseen usb designs and i hope this post is also make magic. This post is contain 15 images that’s mean here you find 15 different usb designs these designs are not common and I really accept it that you never see these design before. Make these type of designs is also a art and its not easy thing and this is really interesting to me and also for you, peoples just love unusual or funny usb design and ready to buy it therefore usb designers make funny and unusual shapes. These designs are similar with eatable things like pizza, burger, water melon etc. Just think you are so hungry and in front of you on computer table a pizza usb then you should think that what a magic if i eat it or its become real pizza.

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