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Life After People In Pictures

For countless causes, natural and human, people have newly abandoned or if not forsaken a number of places around the world — great and little, aged and latest. According to Wikipedia, Life after People is a TV documentary sequence where scientists, structural engineers and other specialist wonder with the consideration test concerning what the world may be appear if humanity at once vanished, and the collision humanity’s vanishing may have on the atmosphere and the fake feature of civilization. Here I am presenting some surreal artworks below regarding this amazing topic.

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30 Funny And Clever Advertisements

Advertisements is very important thing in this running time, peoples see advertisements and ready to buy or try new things, Some companies make serious or point to point ads but some companies make better, attractive and funny advertisements which maybe funny for peoples and peoples also attract more on funny ads. Printed ads are getting better and that’s why I always search for fresh examples. As our readers know by now, writing articles about this type of advertising is on of my favorite things.  Without more introduction, below you can see 30 examples of very clever ads which I found in the last week. You can tell us about your reviews about this post below the post in comments.

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Creative Photos By Carl Johan Paulin

Carl-Johan Paulin’s quirky humor has made him hugely endeared to leading international clients, in advertising as well as fashion. With an extraordinary technical talent he prefers to get the images right while shooting rather than by the computer. Passionately dedicated he always finds a new way of surprising the spectator, often in a series of images with a film-like flow. Carl-Johan Paulin, born in 1967, has been working on his own since 1990. While not shooting Carl-Johan spends a lot of time on his racer bike in various parts of the world. His bike riding is so dangerous and therefore he is the star of bad racers or divers, Carl is also nice pictures maker and these all pictures are own, Lets take a look beautiful and creative photos by carl johan paulin .

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