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Australian Desert Lizard Thorny Devils

You must know about this lizard, This is Australian lizard and its name is Thorny Devil, I don’t know why its name is Thorny Devil I think its face look like devil therefore its name thorny devil, Its also known as Thorny Dragon, or mountain devil, Lizards are one of the creepiest crawlers around. The instant you see one on your partition or in your backyard, you tremble with revulsion. There are different kinds of lizards that live in dissimilar parts of the world. These lizards are also establishing in dirty deserts and live on ants.. It grow up to 20 cm (8 in) in length and can exist up to 20 years, colored in mask shades of desert browns and tans; these change from pale colors when warm to darker colors when cold. Its hard to9 catch in hand but some peoples catch this lizard for a photo,

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