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Interesting Photography By Philip Karlberg

Philip Karlberg is one of the country’s most brilliant and famous motionless reality and interior photographers. More over the years, he has expanded wide business skill and he shares his time evenly between editorial and commercial assignments. His photos are characterized by a perfect, near-perfect superiority that even so keeps a indicative secrecy. Philip Karlberg’s visual ingenuity transforms a still life into a mystery, riddled with visual clues. His pictures often display sheen of luxury combined with strong emotions, tense moods, and a visceral feeling of presence. The images entice the viewer to pause and search for the story hidden within. Recently he presents his latest artwork on spinning dessert photos on vinyl records.

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Powerful Advertising Photography By Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is a sports, fashion and advertising photographer in southern California, has brilliant skills in creating dramatic photographs of people, sports, action and concepts. Tadder use location photography collective with lighting effects to make really exclusive images. His works are well-received and his clients include various famous companies and magazines as AIG, Intel, Wal-Mart, Miller Lite, Yamaha, Reader’s Digest, Dime Magazine etc. Here are some of Tim Tadder’s works, have fun, and you can visit his web for more. Here is a beautiful collection of the vast range of athletic abilities of his captures, from soccer to skateboarding, is part of the amazing appeal of Tadder’s incredible photography.

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Creative Lifestyle Photography By Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott Cutting is a great photographer who creates awesome and attractive images from usual and ordinary things such as small toys, common accessories and much more things. She doesn’t take pain of taking shots of High-Fi objects. She captured children, sports, daily lifestyle, science and also organic images. And put them in her creative styles out. Her creative work more preferable for advertisements for its creativity and unique style. Here I am presenting some really interesting images of her creative work.

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20 Examples Of Selective Colors Photo Manipulation

I love photography and artworks. You may also know an amazing kind of photography which is completed after some editing and this editing is done by different photo manipulation software like adope photoshop. This type of photography is known as selective photography. Selective Coloring is a method that you can do using photo editing software like Photoshop if you need to highlight some portions of your photograph or colors. In this technique all the images portion is black and white but some specific aria is colorful. With the help of this technique, you can create your attractive and draw more attention to it by highlighting its natural color while leaving the background in black and white or sepia. There are several techniques to do this in Photoshop for make photography more beautiful. Blow we give some example of selective colors photo manipulation.

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25 Magestic Tree Photography

Nature always looks beautiful in any face, You want to become a photographer then must start you journey with nature photography like sun set and sun rise photograph and season, lakes, and mountains photography etc Mountain photography is hard subject but tree photography is really wonderful and easy subject. Not that much I can say about photographing them other than “If you can see it, you can photograph it,” which I’ve always believed in. And here, that means “see” as in “perceive” i.e. visually comprehend. I do however make it a rule of thumb that even if I think I know (and photograph) the best “side,” I try and make it a point to walk all the way around my subject, just in case another attractive composition presents itself.

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