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Celebrities Look Like Cartoons

I don’t discern how about you guys but for me I take my look-alikes extremely fatally.   People chuck roughly the “he/she looks just like” so and so streak the entire time and pretty honestly it kind of pisses me off.  It’s like those people are trying way too hard to make something appear there that really isn’t.  And this is why we rarely do look-alike posts on this site. It’s really out of sheer anger more than anything.  However, when I came across a gallery that contained over 50 pictures of celebrities that looked like cartoons I knew I was onto something.  At the same time I also know that I would have to slim it down so there was a bit of accuracy because as I suspected well more than half of the pictures were simply false. These 15 photos, however, are about as close as you can get with celebrities looking like cartoons…..

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Amazing Pictures Of Floating Bicycles

Levitation is the most amazing and recently renowned field of photography. Some people like to capture floating or levitation photos. Levitation concept is not new in China history. It takes from the kung fu and karate art. But recently now Chinese photographer Zhao Huasen photographed hundreds of cyclists going about their way in Shanghai. He then digitally erased the bicycles from the snaps, parting only their shadows and the oddly floating rider peacefully pedaling away through thin air. Riding a bicycle after a couple glasses of wine might make you feel as though you are floating. But until now I had never imagined what it might look like to actually float while riding a bicycle. Chinese photographer or artist Zhao Huasen’s “Floating” exhibit shows exactly that: regular everyday people floating while riding invisible bicycles.

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Most Disturbing Manipulated Images Ever

Photo manipulation is truly astonishing art.  Its use, edifying contact, and decent concern have prepared it a topic of curiosity ahead of the technical process and skills mixed up. To begin your trip into photo manipulations you have to begin by acquire what you want. Receiving a digital camera and a computer is a fine set up. Photo manipulation provides a realistic vision of a weird picture. Here are some of manipulation pictures, these pictures are so funny but it’s a lot disturbing the eye and your mind. Let take a look at some strangest photo manipulation examples that obviously freak you!

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Creative And Funny Food Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation ideas capture you to an illusory world where is the impractical illustration scenes for example dreams and image illusion. This creates the photo manipulation an attractive mode of photo editing. Photography and Photoshop are the chief tools that are apply to produce photo manipulation ideas. The first concept or idea is the most vital step in making photo manipulation. When you boast the fantasy idea complete, you can use photography and photo editing in Photoshop to make you artwork, this may engage several expertise for example painting in Photoshop, photo editing and special photography techniques. In this collection, I would like to share with you some astonishing photo manipulation ideas that are done also for advertising campaigns or digital art.

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