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Headless Ghost People Entertain You

I get riddle when I look at these mind-blowing photographs by Italian photographer Francesco Brunotti. In these headless pictures, the multi-talented artist merges his camera skills with his talents in digital art. There is great faintly disturb about the figures, but the title of the series, Where’s Your Head At? Also gives the collection a humorous air. The images are an extraordinary spectacle as we see people going about their everyday lives, but without faces! Young teens play in a shopping cart, a man rakes up fall leaves, kids play on the playground, and a woman waits for a train in these amusing visual stories. Brunotti considers the project an ongoing series, and features weather-specific activities across the four seasons. His art direction and concepts are quite inventive and viewers will gawk at the artist’s impressive photoshop skills!

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Beautiful Examples Of Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is almost certainly one of the most admired function areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used widely. One of the focal motivations for that is its facility to merge genuine photos with vibrant colors and digital painting to emphasize some beautiful details which makes this software ideal for this kind of work. I am also using this software and i think its better then the others, it’s a brilliant art to covert a simple image into a good photo manipulation.

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Creative Examples Of Photo Editing

Several designers use photoshop for photo editing and photo manipulation is the trendiest art form now days. You may think to see these images really artistic and fantastic and some people also get inspired and want to create some photo edited images like below pictures. It is not much easy but not much difficult only try hard and repetition requires perfection. I have gathered what I think are some great examples of photo manipulation. As you will see these photos variety gives incredibly clever effect to more on the great side of photo editing. May be your masterpieces will get popularity and you will be admired in your circle. We are presenting here 20 beautiful example of photo editing renamed as photo manipulation.

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