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Chris LaBrooy 3D Artwork

Chris Labrooy is the really great artist whose convert typography art into architecture, That is mean, typography is looking really beautiful because its 3d and carving very well now if a whole building designed on typography art or alphabetic spell then its combination create the new architecture technique. Inspiration comes in many forms, and for UK designer/illustrator Chris Labrooy came quite literally. Sketch from the works of some of the most famous architects out there, Chris has shaped these beautiful, 3D typefaces which spell out the engineer name using some of their most famous formation as the foundations. What you see above are Tadao Ando, Zaha Hadid, Oscar Niemeyer and Toyo Ito, all of which I thought were quite impressive. Some pieces, like the Zaha Hadid one, were based more on her formal language, rather than a particular building, whereas the Tadao Ando one is very much created from the visual language of his structures. In this post you will see some of his 3D Types creations inspired by the Gods of architecture, the inspiration is so amazing that got me thinking how can someone come up with such great concepts.

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