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20 Beautiful Vehicles In Funny Situations

We have many reasons to getting face a dangerous accident but mainly in our eye two types of accidents are so common and funny too. One is fastest driving and second is unknowledged of driving. In both case driver should face a dangerous or funny accident. There are some people in this world who have a ability for getting into crazy car wrecks. Sometimes they just fall sleeping at the wheel and end with a metal pipe lodged in their head. Other times they just throw a chicken bone out the window and cause a four car pileup. The point is, when these people get behind the wheel, you better watch out. Here we have some list of vehicles which are stuck in weird, funny situation, If you know that a person got like that situation anytime in life then you probably ought to avoid riding in a car with them while they are driving. They also have awful luck, or very poor driving skills.

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Amazing And Funny Cars Parking Fail

In these days car parking is really become so worried think because peoples have a lot of cars but place is short for parking. But below the post is not describing in from of you about parking place problem but they telling you how a fool park a car in parking place, this collection is called parking fail pictures, These pictures really taken on right time and its also become famous. Sometimes wrong car parking become a accident purpose.  Most of peoples don’t care about parking area they just park the car and go inside any building. In list of parking fail girls are also included because 70% girls driver park the car on wrong side or hit the sign board etc. Here is also some pictures of funny accidents which may should make you happy and change your mood. Have a look on below showcase of funny car parking fail pictures.

Funny Car Parking Fail (1)

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