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Luxurious Yacht Concept “Amare”

Latest example of stylish yacht design we desire to prove you today. Luxury Amare yacht concept was shaped by industrial designer Dawid Dawod. “Eye-catching wood drawls are convening with polished handles, steering wheel, knobs and other equipment in well-off feature to produce a graceful yet manly visual. For the adventure hunter in, it also comes set with a 350 HP water-jet engine. The Amare’s standard craftsmanship join with latest technology, using firm inflatable boat (RIB) technology to get its insistent, vibrant look. Designed with human boat performance in intellect, the Yacht’s architecture also contain a completely execution kitchen on the outer deck, sofas for relaxation, a deck for sunbathing and a canvas top for bad climate. Another portray design part of the boat are the rails that follow the length, functioning as handles as passengers walk and also as holders for the canvas top.” Take a look!

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