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20 Beautiful Modified Cars

Almost peoples change their cars into custom modified cars and make it better with colors and engine power etc.  A custom car is modified according to the wishes of the owner or even a different vehicle series production vehicles composed of vehicle. Customizing vehicles to increase the performance, see vehicle tuning , but also all other requirements of owners, the installation of huge sound systems on the implementation of style ideas on how the optical design of a van in the knight or pirate style using airbrush and accessories, through to conversions for hunters how the installation of mounts for hunting rifles and a tub for killed wild game. The term modified car is given to any vehicle that has been upgraded with aftermarket parts and components in order to change or enhance its properties, be it from a styling, audio or performance stand point. The term is generally used to describe modern vehicles and mainly covers smaller hatchback or coupe cars, compared to custom cars that usually involve older vehicles, typically with higher displacement engines. Here we have 20 best modified cars which give gaming car look. These are really wonderful and everyone like to ride in it.

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Amazing And Funny Cars Parking Fail

In these days car parking is really become so worried think because peoples have a lot of cars but place is short for parking. But below the post is not describing in from of you about parking place problem but they telling you how a fool park a car in parking place, this collection is called parking fail pictures, These pictures really taken on right time and its also become famous. Sometimes wrong car parking become a accident purpose.  Most of peoples don’t care about parking area they just park the car and go inside any building. In list of parking fail girls are also included because 70% girls driver park the car on wrong side or hit the sign board etc. Here is also some pictures of funny accidents which may should make you happy and change your mood. Have a look on below showcase of funny car parking fail pictures.

Funny Car Parking Fail (1)

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20 Most Beautiful Stylish Powerful Cars

I think nobody dislike a car every body love to have own stylish racing car. What makes a car more powerful than others? It’s the engine “Horse Power”. Greater than 1000 HP engine cars are included in this list. These are 10 most superb and powerful cars in world. There is something about the power behind the wheel of a car that can bring on a rush of adrenalin. Any car-crazy person will endorse that. While each individual will draw up his or her own list of favorites when it comes to the top ten most powerful road cars, there’s a generic list with today’s market in view that everyone will more or less concur with. Which cars, then, can feature in our top ten most powerful road car list? Money certainly counts, but a car comes second to a home, so here is a look at the most likely contenders:

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Beautiful Cool Cars Collection

This is collection on beautiful fastest and superb cool cars. In these days every man have own car and no body like to travel in bus. These cars is really superb shining and having good colors. Cools such a subjective concept. But, after much civilized debate, hair pulling and staring out of windows, the MSN Cars team has cautiously listed its favorite cool cars of all time. Of course, you might not agree with our selection. Which is fine, because we want you to have your say on what cars should be in the cool hall of fame… but first, see if your choices make it onto our list.Here are list of 25 most beautiful inspiring cars collection i really hope that you should like below listed cars.

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Super Mansory SLR Renovatio

Today here i am going to share here most beautiful and amazing car model which name is Mansory. Mansory always tries to give each modified car their touch and they won’t make only one or two modifications to the car, they will redesign the car after their philosophy. The car has received the name “Renovatio” which means rebirth in english. This lovely SLR got an entirely new look after Mansory added a lot of design elements made by them. When we’re talking about performance modifications we have to say that the car tuners modified the engine’s management system, they added a sportier air filter and an improved car radiator. With these modifications Renovatio could reach a maximum speed of 340 km, reaching a maximum torque of 880 Nm – that’s huge even for those who are speed addicts. In the exterior, the car’s design was modified by adding new carbon fiber elements that gives the car a more agressive look and will also improve the car’s handling a bit because the car’s weight is lower now.

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Fastest Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is a car of style and luxury. It is not just an open-top version of the Coupe, but a completely new model, having an attractive new design and a unique system for opening and closing the fabric roof which utilises the engine compartment to store the folded roof. The roof raising/lowering system of the Gallardo Spyder is based on an electronic control system with electro-hydraulic actuators. The car has structural aluminum space frame which is based on extruded aluminium parts welded to cast aluminium joint elements. It has aluminium double-wishbone front and rear suspension system. The dimensions of the Gallardo, combined with its competitive performance targets, ensure the car has an athletic compactness. The long wheelbase is complemented by short overhangs dynamise its appearance. Its price is only 200000$ but the below images are free.Lollllzzzz

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Beautiful Koenigsegg Agera R

It’s not every day that Koenigsegg reveals a new super car, but the Koenigsegg Agera R  is more than a welcome sight.  This Swedish stunner will be one of the fastest debuts at the Geneva Motor Show this week, with more muscle than a freight train under the hood.  The Agera R is powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an astounding 1,115 horsepower.  For the record, that’s 100 more horsepower than Koenigsegg’s last supercar, the Trevita.  That power will push the Agera R well into the 200 mph range in a matter of seconds. Aside from the muscle, the Koenigsegg Agera R is a machine of rare beauty.  This version, one of likely just a few to be produced, features a Speed Racer colorway with an emphasis on pure white with black and red accents.

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