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Funny New Banana Artwork

This is collection on beautiful food fun. I have already posted here funny artwork with food like, Craziest Fun With Food, Funny Eggs Face Expressions. Banana are usages for different purpose in these days like some of peoples draw different thing on banana with paints if you know that banana carving this is an amazing artwork in this art banana cutting in different shapes and those shapes looks so beautiful. Otherwise banana is delicious. You can make milk shake, fruit salad etc. In addition to all their delicious nutritional value, they also can be used to create some truly amazing pictures of art, like the ones featured below. This is what happens when somebody has far too much time on their hand, a dozen bananas, and a Sharpie. Funny face expression make banana more delicious. Have a look on our pictures.

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Creative Banana Carving Artworks

This is so amazing to see banana carving artworks and this is so difficult artworks because as you know banana is so soft fruit and due to this thing carving on banana is such a hardwork if you did a single mistake then you loss one banana and yes in banana carving you cannot take much time therefore you can make carving on banana faster and more faster. We have featured a lot of amazing curving art on our site, like the pumpkin carving,  book carving, leaf carving, watermelon carving  etc., However I never thought something as soft as banana can be carved too. Check the pictures in today’s post, you will find some interesting or gross banana carving. The crafter actually can carve the human faces with different expressions on banana. Have a look below images.

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