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Chris LaBrooy 3D Artwork

Chris Labrooy is the really great artist whose convert typography art into architecture, That is mean, typography is looking really beautiful because its 3d and carving very well now if a whole building designed on typography art or alphabetic spell then its combination create the new architecture technique. Inspiration comes in many forms, and for UK designer/illustrator Chris Labrooy came quite literally. Sketch from the works of some of the most famous architects out there, Chris has shaped these beautiful, 3D typefaces which spell out the engineer name using some of their most famous formation as the foundations. What you see above are Tadao Ando, Zaha Hadid, Oscar Niemeyer and Toyo Ito, all of which I thought were quite impressive. Some pieces, like the Zaha Hadid one, were based more on her formal language, rather than a particular building, whereas the Tadao Ando one is very much created from the visual language of his structures. In this post you will see some of his 3D Types creations inspired by the Gods of architecture, the inspiration is so amazing that got me thinking how can someone come up with such great concepts.

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Magical Japanese Artwork By Ai Shinohara

I see many artist artwork every artist is best in own artwork some artist have great art and some artist have little dark artwork but this Japanese artist really did a well job they make beautiful imagery work like fairy tales. Ai Shinohara is a Japanese artist with a skill in illustrating the delicate relationship between nature and people. There is no questioning the talent Shinohara possesses. Her work carries with it a dark and complicated vibe. In her artwork they make very beautiful girls like japanese. Japanese are best in every field of life. Here are 10 most beautiful pictures if i find more then i must post here.

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15 Most Beautiful Lorenzo Duran Leaf Artwork

You already see many many artwork specially leaf artwork. Leaf art is really so hard and time taking art. Most of artist spend a lot of days only on a leaf carving. Today i am going to present here most amazing and awesome artist which really make awesome artwork on leaf this is really called real leaf artwork. Spanish artist lorenzo duran uses leaves as the canvas for his cutaway art. after washing and drying the leaf, he carefully cuts away segments in a technique akin to those of traditional spanish picado, chinese jianzhi,german scherenschnitte, or swiss papercutting. Here are 15 best his leaf carving pictures. Its just the way to inspire you.

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Wonderful Alien vs Predator Metal Sculptures

Sculptures is also type of art and peoples really love every type of sculptures, Sculptures are made for anything like sand sculpture, metal sculptures etc. It’s starting to get crazy how people are making sculptures out of anything. There are almost no creative materials left to use, especially all the ones that belongs to the metal category. Speaking of that here are some very good Alien vs. Predator sculptures made of car parts. Now for those who don’t know what Alien vs. Predator is, it’s a American sci-fi movie from 2004.The aliens and the predators are very creepy, and their suits or whatever they are made of is metallic material, so the auto parts just fit perfectly. All of them are a part of a metal art event in Bangkok, and you can see how some of them are placed out in the wild so they will look even more scary. When speaking of crazy metal sculptures, you should take a look at these 250 year old ones, but still modern-looking.

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Incredible Sharpie Art on Styrofoam Cups

Here you found also amazing artwork post in that post Pual Westcombe make coffee cups interesting with his drawing. That post is really interesting and creative but this post is also amazing and creative. Most people use paintbrushes and other drawing utensils to compose their art on canvases and paper. Cheeming Boey on the other hand, uses a Sharpie  and depicts his art on Styrofoam cups. Ever since 2006, Boey started drawing on foam cups as a hobby and has now turned into a serious business. Each cup takes a few hours to several months to create and is sold for hundreds of dollars around the world.

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25 Stunning Vexel Art Inspiration

I’m sure that you’ve heard of vector art and that you have probably seen some beautiful illustrations and designs made by using this creative and always somewhat different form of graphic design. Ok, so there’s a new trend in this domain that’s called Vexel. It somehow improves the illustration by adding a marvellous sense of depth and volume to it, which is pretty difficult to achieve, if not out of question, with just vector. So, in the showcase we’re presenting today you will see some pretty amazing vexel art illustrations and maybe, it will be possible to sense the difference between these two techniques. Although both are pixel-based, they use different kinds of layers. To create vectors there are used vector layers, but in the case of vexels, the layers used are raster type, which give an exclusively wonderful aspect to the image in comparison with vector-based illustrations.

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15 Stylish Nails Artwork

This is new era of fashion styles, teen age girls and boys going to crazy to adopt new trends of fashion. In these days the new trend in fashion world is work on nail and its become so popular with the name of nails artwork on internet. Girls search on internet different type of nails shape and art and try to make own nails but its difficult to do in first time. So today I am going to share with you an amazing collection on nails art. In this collection you can find amazing nails design mean shapes and nail polish styles. Sparkle on the nail polish make nail more attractive like sparkle menhdi tattoos or menhdi designs. Celebrities also use nails artwork most of celebrities make own face on nail i should like to also post those images. I also post here beautiful nails post like Mindblowing nail art, nail portrait. Now this time enjoy nails artwork. I really hope that you should like one of them.

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