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20 Dangerous Wild Predators Photography

Any animal which attacks, bites, or injures a human being or another domestic  will be considered as dangerous animal but some peoples turn the nature rule some peoples keep wild animals as pet and that pet doesn’t bit on him/her But yes animal is animal you dont read the animal mind so maybe they attack on you no meter you keep it from childhood. As­k your friends which anima­ls they fear most and you’ll probably get a myriad of answers sharks, snakes, bears, spiders, bees. Today Top Lists presents some dangerous pictures of wild animals mostly include Lions and tigers. Here are 20 best images of wild photography which is really dangerous. I must tell you that dont go near in really life to a wild picture and if you are also capturing dog pet picture then you should off your flash.

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15 Unseen Rare Sea Creatures

Amazing Stunning Underwater Footage Photographs. Of all the different types of photography showcased here,underwater photography is probably one of the most difficult to practice. It requires a very specialized equipment and the knowledge of some advanced techniques to get a perfect picture. You need to get the correct exposure, accurate focus, controlled movement of your subject and a pleasing color balance; you also have to deal with low light. Underwater photos offend suffer from loss of color and contrast when taken at a significant depth.

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Magical Colors Of Insects

Insects are also important part of human life and they play a good role in human life like a bee make honey and honey is so spicy thing for human. Here are amazing pictures collection which describe the beauty of insects and insects body color, Nature give beautiful colors to insects and every insects kind is different with others. Insects have tree part of body head, thorax and abdomen. The life cycles of insects vary but most hatch from eggs. Insect growth is constrained by the inelastic exoskeleton and development involves a series of molts. These all pictures are just for your inspiration and just wanted to tell you how much world have beautiness, Lets began to see a little showcase of pretty colors of insects pictures.

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Amazing Friendship Of Animals

Wild Animals is not all the time wild if any wild animal keeping as pet from the childhood and take care as human baby then they never hurt you and others. Here are some of amazing pictures collection which is not fake these are all real and this is really possible to diner with a wild bear. Here is superb amazing picture that a little child take a big snake in hand. Animals often do some silly things, and we are happy if we manage to photograph them when they do. In any case, most of us delight, when in their behavior, we recognize some human characteristics. The animals at these images, perhaps too reminiscent of the people. We can see that animals, like people, have an irresistible need to be part of community, even if it was not always a company of the same species…

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20 Most Amazing Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is very big challenge for photographer for taking very perfect shoot,in wildlife photography animals only give a chance to photographer if they fail then animal should go other side or maybe they never look again in jungle. During wildlife photography you must know anything about animals which you going to take pictures its very necessary to learn about animals behavior before going too close because if they attack on you then you must know what to do next and how to dough animal attack or if you hurt by attacking then you must know how to survive in this stiutaion some time wildlife photographer lose the life during photography they just cross the safe line and they hunt by any predator. her we have some of beautiful animals shoot which is evidence of this thing that photographer must be successful in photography mission.

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Funny Camel Pictures

A camel is so bigger and human friendly animal, Camel is in those category of animal in which animals can use any purpose, Camel use for meet, milk, and transportation, camel is so necessary part of  desert living peoples because they have only camel which give different things like some of owner of camels get camels in cities and give ride and in againts they receive money, camel ride is so funny and enjoyable for cities children. A camel age is 40 to 50 years and Camels are able to withstand changes in body temperature  and water consumption that would kill most other animals. Their temperature ranges from 34 °C (93 °F) at night and up to 41 °C (106 °F) during the day, and only above this threshold will they begin to sweat . Lets see a little showcase of beautiful images of camels and yes in some of camel images are looking funny.

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World Dangerous Alligator Pictures

I love alligator movies and pictures, Alligators have been from 2,00 million years on this earth. Alligators  have been found from Dinosaur’s age and many scientist considers that Gaint Dinosaurs had been changed their form and sculptures into this condition. Alligators have two species: American Alligator And other one is Chinese Alligator. Most of the alligators like living in dusty and salty water Lakes. These can be live and stay along time or you can say several hours in breathtaking water places for hunting. It can be easily jump over its own height below water.Alligator’s over population creates many problems for human being such as mostly alligators attacked on human beings for get their food like as other living creatures.Alligator’s bite cannot take anyone’s life but it give roll over them and it became a dangerous death-roll. Here I collected some dangerous shoots. You can see easily alligator jump in pictures.

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