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The Most Amazing And Incredible Fire Art

Digital art is very amazing and it composed a large variety in itself. As graphic designs creates awesome and cool designs and images for our inspiration. As same Fire art is a form of art that utilize dynamic fire as a vital part of the piece. The piece may either use flame effects as part of a sculpture, or be a choreographed performance of fire effects as the piece burns; the final mortal approximately a type of performance art. So today, I have composed incredibly grand and astonishing fire art collection. I hope you will like this gallery. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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Neon Sculpture By Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin from Portland creates dramatic anatomical light sculptures that are completely concave and crammed with ionized krypton; source them to glow alike a neon light.  The master art piece took over 1,000 hours of work above a two year era and is in fact make from 10 split units of glass shaped from borosilicate glass tubing. These glass Sculptures are really wonderful in the darkness of night.

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Brilliant Illustration Artwork By Jessica Walsh

This is post is on different type of artwork. In this post you can see vixel art, graphic art, photo manipulation and also illustration. This is not images combination of different artists although these are all artwork is created or makes by one artist, this is really brilliant and sound good. Because many artists only attempted one artwork and leave the others. This brilliant artist name is Jessica Walsh, Jessica Walsh is a multidisciplinary designer she is living in New York. She is well in Photo Illustration, Graphic Design and Art trend. Here we showcased her beautiful and brilliant illustration artwork. I hope you should like it. You can also see different artwork by different artist by just click here.

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