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Truly Amazing Books Artwork

Brain Dettmer, famed as “The Book Surgeon” uses knives, tweezers and surgical tools to shape-up the old dictionaries and encyclopedias into incredible artwork. The artist is a student of Colombia College besides working on a Signage store. He carves shapes, one page at a time, in out-dated books, dictionaries and encyclopedias and transforms them into mind blowing artwork using his special instruments. Interestingly, he never adds material or change the content while re-shaping the stuff. He is truly an inspiration for many.

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Beautiful Abstract Flowerings Art

A commonly held idea is that pluralism characterizes art at the beginning of the 21st century. The “crisis” in painting and current art and current art criticism today is brought about by pluralism. There is no consensus, nor need there be, as to a representative style of the age. There is an anything goes  attitude that prevails; an “everything going on”, and consequently “nothing going on” syndrome; this creates an aesthetic traffic jam with no firm and clear direction and with every lane on the artistic superhighway  filled to capacity. Consequently magnificent and important works of art continue to be made albeit in a wide variety of styles and aesthetic temperaments, the marketplace being left to judge merit. Digital art, Computer art, Internet art, Hard-edge painting, Geometric abstraction, Appropriation, Hyperrealism, Photorealism, Expressionism, Minimalism, Lyrical Abstraction, Pop art, Op art, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting, Monochrome painting, Neo-expressionism, Collage, Inter-media painting, Assemblage painting, Digital painting, Postmodern painting, Neo-Dada painting, Shaped canvas painting, environmental mural painting, Graffiti, traditional figure painting, Landscape painting, Portrait painting, are a few continuing and current directions at the beginning of the 21st century.

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