Best Photography Of Thousands of Pink Flamingos

These pictures were captured by seasoned wildlife photographer Martin Harvey. Nakuru is one of the three inter-linked lakes in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. These lagoons are home to 13 globally endangered bird species and some of the largest bird diversities in the world. An wholeheartedly unbelievable feature of lagoon Nakuru is the large gatherings of long-legged, long-necked greater and lesser flamingos. The lake’s abundance of algae attracts these birds that very well line the shore. In detail, Lake Nakuru is the lone most important foraging location for the lesser flamingo any place, and a foremost nesting and breeding ground for great white pelicans. It has been recounted by ornithologists as the utmost bird scene in the world.

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10 Most Funny And Weirdest Wigs Designs

You should see many weird hair styles in fashion which is make on different model head. Today we are not showing weird hairstyle we are presenting her funny and weird wigs styles which you cannot like to wear. See just how weird the wigs on this list are. Many girls don’t wear wigs on daily basis, except in some situations like wanting to change their hairstyle quickly or grow it fast. Another instance is Marty Gras. Take a look at these weird wigs.

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Creative Cartoons Painted Illustration By Sara Tyson

Now today we have awesome collection of artist artwork. This artwork is just on painting and beautifully done by Sara Tyson. She is well know in artistic world and a lot of peoples buy her painting art for home kids room decoration.  Sara has worked for 30 years as both illustrator and graphic designer. Her numbers live at a highly coordinated space, with form, texture, contrast and hue all playing significant parts in her notions. Her illustrations have been recognized by 3×3 Magazine, directed creative pursuits Awards, Society of Illustrators – New York, humanity of Illustrators of Los Angeles and Lurzer’s Archive Special. Lets have a look below beautiful artwork.

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National Geographic Animals Best Photography

National Geographic is one of the best channel where every photographer is really did  hard work for capturing a picture from right angel because if you take it a picture of any animal and your angel is not good then you just lose your perfectness. So here we are presenting 10 most beautiful and daring photos of wild animals which are taken by several national geography photographers. This is really very good inspiration for beginner and also for me because i also like photography and have my own perfect shoot from my SLR camera. I just to say to those who have not any experience of animal behavior then they don’t need to go near of animals for capturing a pictures because street animals also dangerous for human and if they attacked on your face while capturing a picture then its so bad thing and problematic.

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Nana Gouvea Sandy Modeling Photo Shoot

While much of the East seaboard area was stressed to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one woman determined to use the wreckage to further her modeling vocation. The Internet discovered the stunt stupid, if not sickening.Brazilian form Nana Gouvea and her married man went out into the streets of New York, where he broke photographs of her styles on smashed vehicles and downed trees. Dressed in a very dark top and grey leggings, she tried to gaze seductive next to overturned rubbish containers and broken branches. Lets have a look below pretty Brazilian beauty pics.

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Beauty Above The Clouds

Right on top of the outside of the clouds, an entire different kind of earth exists. It’s not frequently that we get to knowledge these nonviolent and serene moments of simple beauty, but each so often during a plane journey or a hike up to a mountain, this beautiful world reveals itself. And now, there’s no require to travel to make sure out these dramatic places, set next to fluffy white billow clouds. In this collection, photographers all over the world have brought picturesque views down to the earth for the rest of us to observe each photographer has captured variations of vibrant and heavenly sunsets, the soothing calm of dawn, and ghostly landscapes that will take your breath away. You may even feel the urge to sprint and frolic across the surface of the thick, opaque clouds while enjoy the miles and miles of this unending, magic universe.

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Gorgeous Portraits Girls Photography By Ebru Sidar

I am a big fan of Ebru Sidar, and i discovered her taking photos page on deviantART some years before. Her portraits are mesmerizing, and displayed me how creative one can be with the camera. She have really creative mind and her photography really look pretty. She also take nature photos but I only added here girls photography for your inspiration. Ebru’s countryside work is identically as powerful and gifted, and her unique ability is apparent in both areas – to present a dreamlike, entrancing environment here in the physical world.

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