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30 Random Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is also a part of Artwork. But mostly peoples use photo manipulation for fun therefore you can find many photo manipulation pictures on net but you got little photo manipulation which design for art. Give a talented and creative Photoshop user some photographs  and the possibilities are only limited to the imagination. Photo manipulations are illusions created by photo editing techniques. There are subtle photo manipulations and there are those that depict a far-fetched illusion executed in a realistic way. The latter are normally meant to have some shock value with their audience. In this post we’ve rounded up 30 jaw dropping photo manipulations. Some are funny and some will make you think, but they are all visually stunning.

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World Cutest South Korean Actress Jang Nara

Jang Na-Ra is korean actress born in march 1981 she is beautiful and lovely singer is much popular due to her acting she did a lot of tv daramas. Jang Na-Ra graduated from ChungAng University in February 2010, ten years after enrolling in the school. Her studies were delayed due to her entertainment career. On February 19 at her school’s graduation ceremony Jang Na-Ra also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the school. Here we have collection of cutest actress and singer jang nara, some below pictures is taken her picnic and some pictures are the best photos of her. She is to much gorgeous and pretty skin lovely figure. Below images are so much pretty and you should like one of them.

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20 Most Beautiful Stylish Powerful Cars

I think nobody dislike a car every body love to have own stylish racing car. What makes a car more powerful than others? It’s the engine “Horse Power”. Greater than 1000 HP engine cars are included in this list. These are 10 most superb and powerful cars in world. There is something about the power behind the wheel of a car that can bring on a rush of adrenalin. Any car-crazy person will endorse that. While each individual will draw up his or her own list of favorites when it comes to the top ten most powerful road cars, there’s a generic list with today’s market in view that everyone will more or less concur with. Which cars, then, can feature in our top ten most powerful road car list? Money certainly counts, but a car comes second to a home, so here is a look at the most likely contenders:

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25 Breathtaking Photo Manipulation Artwork

I have a lot of collection of photo manipulation pictures which is really super  interesting and you can also find here. This is really very enjoyable to make funny photo manipulation or manipulation artwork. With the numerous photo editing softwares out in the market, you just can’t help but play with those stock photos. It’s amazing how people can come up with awesome photo manipulations. It is a crazed fusion of photography and digital arts. You can only imagine what tricks they have under their sleeves to come up with such unique ideas. Imagination taken up a notch! Each image makes you wanna say wow! These digital artists just can’t get enough of improving and innovating their love for art. Every photo manipulation tells a different story that somehow, reflects the artists level of imagination and creativity.

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Most Amazing Face Manipulation

Technological interventions and innovation has touched various aspects of our daily life. However, what would happen if the concept of movie Face-Off comes to reality? Imagine a kid’s face getting swapped with ex –President Bush’s face or an elderly person’s face with his or young counterpart. It would look amusing but the level of confusion it would create amongst all is worth noticing too. Probably it looks way to funny in the graphics had it been a real situation the world would have become too chaotic. The film stars’ faces and imminent personalities faces would have been in high demand had it been the case. An underground economy, trading in swap faces might have also emerged out of the blues.

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Self Portraits Photo Manipulation Of Pierre Beteille

Photo manipulation is mine favortie topic therefore i try to to put here amazing manipulation artwork whic youreally not seen before. My most of manipulation is random that is mean those manipulation collection have not any artist. Today i am showing you an amazing photo manipulation of great artist of Pierre Beteille. Talented French artist, Pierre Beteille, is skillful in manipulation of portraits (specially his own self portraits) using photoshop.This is how he describes himself: I am not a photographer or an artist, I just make images. I shoot very average or even bad photos that I try to improve thanks to Photoshop.Not only a photoshop guru, Pierre Beteille also works as art director, web designer and flash designer.Here are just some his brilliant Photoshopped portraits:

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30 Awesome Photo Manipulation Artwork

Photo manipulation is also like an art in which we can change real picture into modify picture. In the old days photo manipulation or photo editing is not such popular like these days its just used in government issues. But this era of technology now you can do everything which you want to so anything just just order to a machine robot then they did for you like that photo manipulation is become easiest thing and now every peoples of the world should know about manipulation and our children also can manipulate the image mostly teen age boys and girls make funny manipulation of friends. Photo manipulation is really so amazing thing and also entertainment way. Photo manipulation allows creative designers to do amazing and interesting things. In this post we’ll provide inspiration with 30 high-quality photo manipulations from various designers. This photo manipulation is really so much amazing and wonderful and should amaze you.

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