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Beautiful Photography Of European Winter Season

As we know that winter is really a enjoyful season but its also create a lot of problem for public and traveler due to the five or more then five feet snow. While the U.S. continues to bask in the heat of an unusually mild winter, powerful winter on the European Continent, has maintain approximately 300 lives from Switzerland to Rome as warmth drop up to -22 Fahrenheit (-30°C)  across Europe. Also, extremely harsh winter has claimed at least 200 lives in Russia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Serbia… since the beginning of the year. Some peoples really enjoying the clod weather but some peoples seem as fighting with snow. Lets have a look below beautiful photography below photography is showing all the things.

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Digital Autumn Colorful Photography Inspiration

Nature is mother of everything they did amazing wonders which out of human minds and human cant have ability to copy that things, Every day nature creates awesome colors in sky which is not remain same everyday even after some hours nature changes the colors and lightning and make sky very beautiful. Most of talented artist starts theirs works with nature beauty some make paintings on waterfall or colorful sky and some take nature scenes as it is in cameras and those result remain same for a long time. Today I am posting here on amazing and beautiful autumn season, this season is really so beautiful and romantic most of photographers take nature photographs in autumn season, its reason the beauty of nature in autumn. Lets have a look our beautiful and mind refreshing collection of autumn photography.

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20 Expressive Digital Sunset Photography

Every girl has different face beauty as it is every place has different sunset and sunrise beauty most of photographers travel a lot to capture sunset photography, the sun set and sunrise time is really so beautiful time if you are on high place or mountain then you should know how much its beautiful. When the sun goes down then amazing redish light spread in the clouds and make the clouds colorful and beautiful.  I have showcased a set of 20 beautiful digital moments in sunset photography which stand out from the rest. These are some of the most famous shots which quality beautiful light displays in the sky and right through the cityscape. Just scroll down and see all the images collection.

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Amazing Rocks Formation In Torcal De Antequera

Nature us really did amazing thing when it in moment they raised huge muntains in plane surface and they have also power to remove a big mountain and put into ground. Thousands of Millions years before the whole spot of El Torcal was submerged under the sea being part of a marine passage that expanded from the Gulf of Cádiz to Alicante. for the duration of the Tertiary age, violent actions of the earth’s crust raise these seabed’s come out of the water to an height of over 1300 meters, resulting in a modest mountain range of flat-lying limestone, which is rare in Andalucia. after that 100 million years, these rocks were subjected to severe erosion by wind and rain leaving some of the most abnormally shaped rock shape in the world today. Many of these forms resemble, and have been named after, Some of the rocks are also formed by human which is also a big example pf amazing balancing.

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Beautiful Dark Photography Of Fresh Flowers

At what time we see attractive plants and flowers in garden or on some flower shops we feel that great freshen our brain and some unidentified pleasure will bloom up within us. Flowers are the sweetheart of poets there are a lot of poems written by relating the beauty of flowers. Check out the good-looking Flower photography at incredible snaps. When I sure to post a flower photographs, I remember a stunning quote said by Henry Beecher “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, But did not put a soul into”. Flowers are the simplest technique to say our thoughts on someone. Here I collected some beautiful and mindblowing dark photography of flowers which taken by different photographers.

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Digital Close Up Photography Of Feathers Wings

As we all know what are feathers wings, but you did not look closely in the real life in huge collection, maybe you look a single bird wing but that is not beautiful I bet but below mine collection is really super. You should see many close ups in your life like eye close up photography etc but did you ever seen feather wings digital close up photography? If you did not seen then see mine below collection. I have collected 25 beautiful close up wings photography, Every photography image is changed to others and every wing have own color, I really love nature wonders because nature always surprised me. Have a look below images then you should agree with my thoughts.

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Most Interesting Micro Photography Of Insects

As I said in mine last post of nature that nature photography is the most easiest subject in photography you just need to get a little inspiration and after that when you step out from your home you see every where natural things which are able to capture in your camera. I was wrong because today I presenting a most difficult photography kind this is micro photography of little insects. Just think what happened when you try to capture photography of that thing which is so little and may more then little from your little finger, those things really not friendly because if you make any little noise then insect should fair from you and skip our self into another place. So you must be careful when you capturing a bug photography or little insects photos. Here we have some beautiful collection of micro photography of insect may it’s inspire you.

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