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Super 3D House Of Bruno Erpicum

Human being has been living in caves in ancient times it means he must has a place for residence. House construction and house architecture designs are presented for modernism and urbanized human beings for a long time and era changing it has been modified day by day. House construction is a time taking thinkable plan but a few artists always ready to redesign house ideas. Belgian architect Bruno Erpicum’s Labacaho home in Spain stimulated German architectural idea inspiration Lichtecht to restructure the home in 3D. Talk about a fractious European teamwork! The visuals boaster the home in day and dusk lighting environment and supply several great eye candy for design lovers. Check them out.

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Miniature World By Slinkachu

Slinkachu has been insert miniature train set figurines in public places since 2006, witty street installations that change directly into a constant photography project. The thirty year old artist get his characters from model shops, paints them and sometimes alters them with modeling clay before placing them in action with found objects and props from eBay. He had solo exhibitions at the Cosh Gallery in London last summer and most recently at the Andipa Galleryin a show called Whatever Happened to the Men of Tomorrow? That was accompanied by life-size blow ups of his work on billboards around London. The installations find Slinkachu’s little people in ironic, tragic and funny situations that emphasize their tiny size and make them seem more pathetic and helpless. As the artist intended, they embody the loneliness and disillusionment that characterize city life. An old woman walks home, arms crossed to keep warm, dwarfed by a giant bag of potato chips next to her; a lady of the night propositions a miniature super hero from the entrance to her house of ill repute–the mouth of a drainage pipe.

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Awesome Underwater Photos Seen Before Ever

Marine Life is full of adventurous creatures. We often see the amazing underwater photos which have been captured mostly in swimming pools and canals or lakes. But a few photographers have fanatic love to capture the marine life. David Doubilet is one of those photographers. Marine fanatic and professional photographer David Doubilet has taken a series of unbelievable underwater pictures although diving in seas and rivers across the world. The daredevil snapper often research into the pits of the mysterious impending face to face with tarnished predators as well as Great White Sharks. His portfolio includes an impressive shot of a Manta Ray, a close up of a Potato Cod, and pictures of penguins diving.

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Stunning HDR Examples Of Architecture Photography

Architecture is mutually the method and result of planning, designing and creation. Architecture is a wide topic, surrounding the whole lot from skyscrapers to cottages. Almost all over we go; we are surrounded by several kind of architecture on daily base. Architectural photography can be mostly measured to cover views of the exterior and interiors of house, spiritual, commercial, institutional and engineering structures, plus account of the development of towns and cities. In this kind of shooting, a photographer normally trial with different angles, timing, settings and effects to get the most attractive shot of buildings. In this post we have gathered some of beautiful examples of HDR architectural photography as well as related concept artworks for your inspiration. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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Hogwarts Castle Model

The Hogwarts castle model is the sparkler of the Art branch having been constructing for the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone™. It took 86 artists and squad members to build the primary version which was then rebuild and changed numerous times more than for the next seven films.  The work was so widespread that if one was to insert the entire the man hours that have moved out into structure and alternative the model, it would come to over 74 years. The model was used for aerial photography, and was digitally scanned for CGI scenes. The model, which sits at almost 50 feet in diameter, has over 2,500 fiber optic lights that create lantern and torch and even gave the illusion of students by way of hallways in the films.  To show off the lighting to full effect a day-to-night cycle will take place every four minutes so you can experience its full beauty.

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Astonishing High Speed Photography

High-speed photography is a mesmerizing technique to capture the images that we don’t frequently catch to witness. So, lots of wonderful things occur in the blink of an eye – moving too rapidly for us to observe more than haziness and the result. Using quick tools and speedy shutters, these brilliant photographers congeal time and illuminate one solo vital flash. If they time it just right, high-speed photographers can catch a moment of crash, blast, or amazing movement – and it makes for unbelievable art.

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Beauty Of Metro Travelers By Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf captured in his series Tokyo Compressions the weird and rough beauty of metro travelers in Tokyo. The Hong Kong-based photographer used up time study the civilization of Tokyo; focus especially on the persons who expend their every day travel crowded onto the city subway trains. Wolf says the photographs represent “chiefly the tragedy of the human condition. What you see is not the result of a natural catastrophe. Man is responsible for this himself—a dreadful system for people, and by people.”

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