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Most Ugly Illustrations By Michal Dziekan

A nice selection of illustrations by the Polish illustrator Michal Dziekan, functioning both on private projects for commissions. I’m fairly a fan of his “awesome illustration” and Junk Food version of Hansel & Gretel. This illustration is really looking ugly but eye catching, every unusual thing should attract human eye’s. Michal Dziekan is an  illustrator and character designer from Warsaw, Polan. I already posted here many artwork which is really awesome and not bloody as below artwork so if  you looking nice artwork then you need to click on more artwork for see them.This artist artwork is drawn in photoshop software and you can also make it by your own efforts. Lets have a look pretty ugly 15 illustration artwork.

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Awesome Digital Arts By Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek characterizes himself as a 22 year vintage aspiring digital creative person, designer and art director based in Hilversum, The Netherlands. He is well known for his unique and vibrant abstract works. Rik is talent guy in conceiving different methods of photoshop design encompassing Typography, 3D Graphics, Art main heading, Surreal/Abstract Illustration and a blend of photograph Manipulation and Retouching. He has many of fantasy, on peak of his passion for Traditional Art, taking photos & Typography, he is always discovering new forms of sign, new trials and new ways to expand his horizons.

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Wonderful Illustration Artwork By Enkel Dika

I love it when an artist’s work is very simple to move from one medium to another (say from illustration to t-shirts or tattoos) nearly as much as when popular culture is mashed together with fine art. So, it should be very simple to understand why the Macedonian artist Enkel Dika has a location in my gallery of creative persons. His works are both witty and very simple on the eye. While my personal favorites are Conan O’Brien the Barbarian and The Simpsons/Munsters, there are a number of his parts that get both a chuckle and an oooooh out of me. You can get a glance at the full wideness of Enkel Dika‘s works underneath and if you gaze around the interwebs a while you’ll likely be able to get some t-shirts (unfortunately, I haven’t been adept to find an official location for them so I’m not going to connection you up to any specific place.) Have a good laugh and relish.

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Beautiful Artwork On Junk Airplanes

This is really very creative thought of a artist to give a new life of junk airplanes. Normally government destroy old technological airplanes or some time just rectify the issues and make it ready for again transportation use. We really appreciated artist artwork, they simple repainted the plane and make different shapes on airplanes which is giving astonishing look.    The Boneyard Project is what happens when an airplane graveyard is turned into an art show. In the start of 2012 Eric Firestone, Carlo McCormick & Medvin Sobioa sourced a collective group of artists to modify, repaint and reimaging these huge superfluous equipment into epic works of art. This great show took place in sunny Arizona.

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Stunning Egg Carving Art By Brian Baity

By use a speedy carving tool called a Para graver; Briain Baity make extremely complicated works of art with the most delicate of mediums, an egg. Carving an egg shell want an awfully balanced hand and plenty of patience. Brian’s work has not only been mark in exhibits around the world, but he has also won a number of contests. Below you will discover a little collection of his award-winning work. Be confident to check out his official site for more information and samples of his awesome art, including some fascinating gourd carvings. Enjoy!

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Mademoiselle Maurice Origami Street Artwork

This is really very high appreciated artwork therefore today we are going to show some origami artwork images here. The latest creations of French artist Mademoiselle Maurice, ephemeral installations and non-degrading, street poetic art made ​​with hundreds of colorful origami pasted on the walls of Paris. A daunting task to perform in the hands of thousands of origami paper based mostly recycled or recovered, in a spirit of respectful temporary installation of both the environment and the street. Flocks of origami that fly like the human network and natural elements, including a reference to the Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki. We really hope that you too much like this simple and colorful artwork. Lets have a look.

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Incredible Phone Booth Transformation Artwork

These days pay phones are almost ineffective. In Brazil 100 artists were selected to alter 100 ineffective and often vandalized pay telephones into beautiful works of art. Underneath is selected couple of demonstrations of the attractive transformations! One hundred creative persons were given an opportunity to exclusively redesign 100 telephone booths in São Paulo. The result is after all anticipations. One hundred completely useless or just vandalized booths were changed into unbelievable works of art. So-called “Call Parade” is an ongoing public art project in São Paulo sponsored by Brazilian telecommunications company Vivo. Thanks to photographers Mariane Borgomani and Wally Gobetz we can show you some of the gorgeous telephone booths.

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