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Ek Tha Tiger Upcoming Bollywood Movie

Bollywood is now going to crazy; every month beautiful hit movies release from bollywood and also gets fame in peoples. Indian peoples love to watch bollywood movies and they too much like to see salman and Katrina films and now no need to wait more because both celebrities are appear in yash raj films. Salman and Katrina both are look beautiful and stunning together. This film name is Ek Tha Tiger and its directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra. This film is totally romantic story and tiger mean salman khan fight for his love. This film shooting will be starting in july and its released in the 2012 mid. Below we are giving some beautiful moments of the films. Lets have a look below movie posters and images.

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Most Glamours And Beautiful Amber Heard Pictures

Amber Laura Heard is one of the best and glamours American actress and super hot model. Her date of birth is 22 April, 1986 and she is living in America. She started her career with very small but effective film role which is play in horror-comedy zombieland and she did this role with her stepfather. Amber Heard was cast in Drive Angry, Amber Heard grow up around guns, She is fan of muscle cars and she have own her 1968 Ford Mustang. Below I collected some beautiful and best her photos which is taken on different places and moment but this after the mixtures of amber heard photos below collection is really look so beautiful. Lets have a look and don’t forget leave your comments after the post.

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Most Famous President Obama Working Style

We can see number of funny images on Mr, Obama and funny guys made every day humor pictures and gif on obama and other famous celebrities. This post is the part of mine celebrities category and if you want to see other well famous celebrities pictures then click on Celebs category, We don’t know he is good with their public or not we know he is become a reason of laughing out load die to funny pictures, Below you are going to seen not his funny pictures but you can see his those pictures which no one can see. Might be possible its also secret photos of obama office. Now you can see below your president photos on working time. Means what they look a like when he is busy in working or his working style etc, this pictures should help for those peoples whose want to become like obama and may adopt his styles but you don’t need to adopt his working style like below you are seen.

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Celebrities Funny Caricatures By Patrick Strogulski

Art is not a lot modern in our passing day although now days due to the various and numeral of brilliant artist artwork turn out to be so gorgeous and eye-catching. each artist create unusual and creative artwork which is not see before. The generating the fresh thought on artwork and completed well is really amazing and the result is that artwork is just awesome. As well as you know number of people come inside the art world and make it unique, Today I am showcased here beautiful and funny celebrities caricatures which is made by Patrick Strogulski, while pop culture caricatures are becoming increasingly popular amongst artists, Below listed showcased is too funny of super famous celebrities, You should like and enjoy all below caricature if you now all the celebrities name.

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Amazing Celebrities Pencil Drawing By Rick Fortson

I post here beautiful and realistic pencil drawing of famous celebrities, its also called pencil portraits. Can you imagine that these images are pencil drawings? These are all pencil drawings are made by artist Rick Fortson’s, Rick Fortson’s makes celebrity portraits which appear to be photo stills of a few of the very famed television, film, and music stars. However, each pencil drawing has the artist’s name legibly imprinted into it, all in pencil! Fortson some times refers as Dr. Pencil because these are drawing is so realistic and its own though. Its taking pencil drawing as hobby, here I presenting his 10 most beautiful drawings of so famous celebrities.

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Beautiful Celebrities Pictures After Plastic Surgery

Beauty is everything in this human life, Every human running out behind beauty some peoples loves nature beauty some peoples love human made statues, art and painting, because its really beautiful. But in this world human also have a kind which running behind human beauty, As we know that GOD cannot give everything to every human as it is GOD made every thing and every human but give some humans some more and make them beautiful but some peoples cant satisfied with own face beauty then they take a plastic surgery and make ourself more cute and beautiful some time plastic surgery did gone wrong and its effect also not good in old age. Some of our Hollywood celebrities take plastic surgery and make ourself more cute and attractive. Here we have Top 10 celebrities list which become so famous after plastic surgery.

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Gorgeous Ashley Tisdale Latest Pictures

Ashley Tisdale Is Hollywood famous celebrity, she is also know as Ashley Michelle Tisdale, her date of birth july 2, 1995, she is youngest sister of actress Jennifer tisdale, she is really well singer and she sang at the white house at age 12, She worked in many movies and also tv serials, I am very big fan of her beauty, her golden hairs give attractive look and catch the attraction and her cute face just awesome, I cant explain in word her beauty. She is too styles fashion girl as other celebrities are but her dressing styles are actually so well and I wish to dress up like that, her boy friend name is scott speer.

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