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Beautiful And Humoristic Animals Photography

Animals is most beautiful and faithful human friend, they never cheat with yourself even if you are on bad position, they always give you happiness and every time ready to play with you ball, In this world you can find every types of animals even human cant count them because everyday a new species come front of human eye and if you are talking about sea animals then its really hard to count because in below water we don’t know whose creature are living, Some of talented human lose their life in the water just during the analyzing of sea animals. Some animals are not friendly so human one mistake in water kill himself.  Today I am going to show you here not special animal pictures I just show you humorous animals pictures of dogs and cats, These pictures are really very funny lets have a look and if you have your own pet funny pictures then don’t forget to share with us.

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Incredible Animals Sean Avery’s Creatures

Mostly everyone like nature beauty and peoples love to see mostly animals pictures, Today I am going to share with you an amazing animals pictures collection it is not real photography its cd’s made creature by most talented artist Sean Avery’s, is a sculptor, illustrator and graphic designer with a liking for by means of recycled materials to build amazing modest animal sculptures. He simply uses recycled materials and classifies his work as “sustainable art”. The nature of his method and the resources he uses ensures that each and every one of his pieces is totally unique. He makes use of mostly old cds and computer parts. animals made of shattered CDs, you’ll enjoy these paper-crafted creatures by France-based graphic studio Zim and Zou.

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Underwater Photography By Alexander Safonov

I hope you really enjoyed my recently post of underwater dogs photography, in that photography you should look efforts of dogs in the water and also hilarious faces. Today I am also showing you underwater photography but it is little different and more then beautiful, this photography is capture by amazing macro photographer Alexander Safonov. Alexander Safonov was actually from Voronezh, Russia. Alexander has lived in eastern Asia since 1998, currently be located in in Hong Kong. This photography is really liked by those persons whose love to sea and want to see sea life from the own eye. So trough below photograph you can see amazing close up photos of dangerous fishes like sharks, sword fish and also more. He started his experiment with underwater photography in 2004. Lets have close look on beautiful sea creatures.

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15 Breathtaking Underwater Dogs Photography

I really love to playing with my dog and I also love to take photos of my beautiful pet dog but I really cant take like below photos because these below pet dogs photography is taken from under the water and in the water dogs really give evil look. But truth it is that dog jump into the water to take the playing boll and photographer take shoot right there. The photographer name is Seth Casteel, Seth Casteel is one of the best animals life style photographers whose takes number of breathtaking photos of animals. Seth is a lifestyle pet animals photographer and he is living in Chicago and Los Angeles and he is 24 hours available and ready to take photo shoots nation-wide, specializes in documentary-style pet photography, The finishing outcome are beautiful, astonishing flash of your pet’s personality arrest in photographs that will last forever. Lets have a look below beautiful dogs pictures whose striking in the water.

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Best Wild Animals Photography By Marina Cano

I love to see nature photography but mostly I also like animals photography which is inspire and refresh my mind. Today I am presenting here most beautiful and talented photographer pictures, this photographer won many awards and they always become successful to take a outstanding shot, Marina Cano  is a award winning landscape and wildlife photographer, she is living in Cantabria. The wonderful photographer, come close to a wide range of issue such as animal actions or inspired portraits characterize by both compelling and awe-inspiring loveliness or bizarrely but original work of art. I love to go close of wild animals for taking pictures but as like most of photographer did not want to go as it is I’m also make distance between animals and I also aware you that don’t go close of wild animals in real life even you don’t know about animals behavior.

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Beautiful Pet Dogs Photography Collection

Today we are posted here human most faithful friend pictures. As we know that dogs have many types and qualities as it is different dogs have different hairs colors which makes dogs beautiful.  A puppy is a juvenile dog, which is so cute and little. When some puppies bron then they might weigh up 0.45–1.4 kg, and when they larger ones can weigh up to 6.8–10 kg. All well and wholesome puppies grow speedily after delivery. A puppy’s skin hue may changed after time to time as the puppy grown-up, as is usually glimpse in kind liken as the Yorkshire Terrier. Puppies are actually cute pet, oddly young women and women’s taken up it and most of Hollywood celebrities holding puppies as pet animal and they really very sensitive about pet care. Mostly friends today I assembled some beautiful cute and naughty puppies photos I just hope that you like the pictures showcase, just scroll down and have a look.

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Suren Manvelyan Reptiles Eyes Photography

You should see Suren Manvelyan Human eyes close-up photography, that is really incredible and latest concept of close up photography, through human eyes close up photography you can see everything in a eye, blood vessels etc which cannot possible to see with normal photography or human eyes. Now Great photographer The Suren Manvelyan take some close-up of animals eyes which should be a difficult and dangerous task, I don’t know how to take all the images but its really so amazing and these photos did the definition of everything thing which in the eye. Manvelyan became expert photographer at 2006 and freshly turned his concentration to photographing the astonishing in depth landscapes of eyes. You can see in photography eyes color gradients, patterns and even tiny blood vessels, which somehow build those eyes look like alien earth for me. Such an unbelievable work!

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