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Stunning Girls Realistic Pencil Drawings

Analyze these greatly complete and realistic pencil drawings. Each one is sketched by hand and some are so mind-blowing that you may do a double-take before realizing that they are, in fact, illustrations and not photographs. As designers we can obtain mired in produce our art completely in the digital empire. While this is fine, it can be extremely favorable to escape from the computer and sketch by hand. So, in admiration of creativity, this roundup is dedicated to some stunning realistic pencil drawings found across the web. Some of these pieces challenge what you might think could be usually skilled with graphite; so, let these sketches inspire you to step back and create some art by hand.

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Decktwo Wonderful Kitchen Wall Drawings

I really love to see graffiti famous street artwork on my home walls, and make the wall more interesting with different shaded colors, A very talented artist make amazing graffiti artwork on kitchen wall. In his artwork they make different landmarks and he is showing the traffic of public, cities views and buildings. Graffiti artist Decktwo drawn all the major landmarks on the wall and cabinets of a giant kitchen using simple markers. He entitled this work of art, a “Global City”. I have collected the images of his work from different internet places and place here in shape of list. I hope you really like his artwork and mine collection too.

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Most Ugly Illustrations By Michal Dziekan

A nice selection of illustrations by the Polish illustrator Michal Dziekan, functioning both on private projects for commissions. I’m fairly a fan of his “awesome illustration” and Junk Food version of Hansel & Gretel. This illustration is really looking ugly but eye catching, every unusual thing should attract human eye’s. Michal Dziekan is an  illustrator and character designer from Warsaw, Polan. I already posted here many artwork which is really awesome and not bloody as below artwork so if  you looking nice artwork then you need to click on more artwork for see them.This artist artwork is drawn in photoshop software and you can also make it by your own efforts. Lets have a look pretty ugly 15 illustration artwork.

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Smart Examples Of Photo Manipulations

This is really so inspirational featured stunning photo manipulations by different artists. These artists are really passionate about fashion photography, creativity, advertising, photo manipulation and digital art as we can see extra appealing images of their artworks. These artists and photographers just not only create these images also provide us a point about advertising and marketing ideas. Unfortunately I can’t find the artists sources so If any artist want and provide prove to any image then kindly let us know, We proudly give your image source.

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Rainbows Inspired Upholstered Furniture

As you must know that Upholstery is the work of giving furniture, special seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. This is collection of beautiful set inspired by the colors of the rainbow. Designed by Lubo Majer for corporation DIZAJNO, the set comes with an appealing look, one that has the skill to cheer up a room straight. Here is an selection from the official push release we were sent: “The origin of this idea was light. Light consisting of colors. Colors in the everyday life of persons. motivated by the form of rainbow I created the assemblage of upholstery furnishings consisting of seven elements – colors and the table with glass plate reminiscent to slop of water in the rain. Upholstered elements are possible to connect together, from two or three seating one can conceive a larger couch. Traditional upholstery composition with rigid OSB border, use of sinuous jump scheme in the chair, and use of high value flexible PUR foam offer a product lasting lifetime”. Find it as appealing as we do?

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Nomerz Bring Buildings To Life

Nikita Nomerz is graffiti and street artist assemble from the western Russian city of Nizhniy Novgorod. In his sequence named ‘Living Walls’, Nomerz carry ruined buildings to life with his capricious characters. He has been started his hobby in his childhood specially in his school age he draw several paintings and graffiti experiments so, he has lots of practice in his artwork. Almost he spends a short time in his artwork sometimes less than an hour and a wonderful building come into life. Find below some incredible masterpieces of his amazing living walls artwork.

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