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National Geographic Weekly Photo Contest 12

Some photographers always try to capture the realistic and incredible nature scenes but a few photographers prefer to capture the unbelievable scenes and take part in National Geographic Weekly Photography Contest. It’s been ages, but the National Geographic photo gallery is back again. This time, we’ll be presenting their weekly photo contest. They’re divided into 3 subsections – nature, people and places. As we are already used to, you may expect portion of quality photos. Scroll through, pick your favorite … and if interested, even cast a vote at the NG site. My favorite one is The Day After Christmas by Mike Killion and the Dinka woman by Tim Freccia – both available in people section. Enjoy!

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Stylish And Beautiful Models Photos Collection

Adorable mean’s so beautiful and delicious and These girls is so gorgeous and beautiful, photography is not an easy art if you have good looking model but you don’t know how to take a perfect shoot then you and your model is nothing. A photographer remain everything in mind and then take a picture, they also focus models eyes and body shape. These models are so perfect for modeling. I think she look always beautiful what ever she wear. And yes a model body shape also increase cloths looks and clothes designer works, Most of the people like colorful eyes like blue eyes and little brown eyes. In this collection one model have beautiful blue eye and she is really look so awesome. Lets have a look our beautiful and gorgeous female models photos collection i hope you enjoy your stay here.

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An Outstanding Collection Of Surreal Art

Surreal Art is receiving greatly interest because it permits an artist freely convey his imagination, approach and the manner he thinks. It is the average of art in which you can showcase your ability and imagination in the most significant and the most subtle way. This is the main reason why Surreal Art is getting so popular these days. We have compiled a list of some inspirational surreal artwork for you. Hope you’ll like this collection. Just drop us a line here and tell us which one you like most.

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Headless Ghost People Entertain You

I get riddle when I look at these mind-blowing photographs by Italian photographer Francesco Brunotti. In these headless pictures, the multi-talented artist merges his camera skills with his talents in digital art. There is great faintly disturb about the figures, but the title of the series, Where’s Your Head At? Also gives the collection a humorous air. The images are an extraordinary spectacle as we see people going about their everyday lives, but without faces! Young teens play in a shopping cart, a man rakes up fall leaves, kids play on the playground, and a woman waits for a train in these amusing visual stories. Brunotti considers the project an ongoing series, and features weather-specific activities across the four seasons. His art direction and concepts are quite inventive and viewers will gawk at the artist’s impressive photoshop skills!

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2012 Beautiful Braid Styles For Teens

Braids are imparted for lots of generations and surely they can never go incorrect. Trends may come and go but the model stays evermore. Hair braiding has been approximately since 3000 BC and is create in earliest Egypt and Africa. Hair braids come in all shapes, sizes and styles for example fabric braids, pigtail braids, braided Mohawk, tiny braids and cornrows braids which we have seen on the latest runways. A very popular style this season is the braided Punk or the braided Mohawk hair style is more the dramatic braid version. This style needs strong holding products that will make the style long lasting. But as you know strong styling products drying the hair out so you will have to use the proper hair treatments.

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Celebrities Look Like Cartoons

I don’t discern how about you guys but for me I take my look-alikes extremely fatally.   People chuck roughly the “he/she looks just like” so and so streak the entire time and pretty honestly it kind of pisses me off.  It’s like those people are trying way too hard to make something appear there that really isn’t.  And this is why we rarely do look-alike posts on this site. It’s really out of sheer anger more than anything.  However, when I came across a gallery that contained over 50 pictures of celebrities that looked like cartoons I knew I was onto something.  At the same time I also know that I would have to slim it down so there was a bit of accuracy because as I suspected well more than half of the pictures were simply false. These 15 photos, however, are about as close as you can get with celebrities looking like cartoons…..

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Pretty Girls From Euro Soccer Tournament 2012

Fans are fans because they are incredibly mad for their beloved sports stars and celebrities. This time you are watching some gorgeous and pretty Sports fans girls’ pictures captured from Euro Soccer Tournament 2012. All girls are beautiful but some girls do some amazing acts for become prettiest such as some girls do really amazing or weird makeup to appeal others and some make ordinary tattoos and paintings on their faces to encourage their role models or ideals. Hopefully you will get enjoy to visit this beautiful gallery.

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