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Creative Paper Birds By Diana Beltran Herrera

We often listen about American Lego Bird artworks but paper birds are newest for listening. While we also heard about paper-cut birds or art but the sculptures of birds made out of paper pieces is really amazing and incredible. Diana Herrera is an artist, designer and illustrator from Columbia. She is brilliant in her artwork as she makes very beautiful paper sculptures that made us smile…and it seems that is exactly what Diana wants her creations to do. Enjoy her series of bird sculptures made from colorful paper and a good idea; these images are from “Mathematics For The Reality” a study she is doing for what she has dubbed a ‘special project’.

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15 Funny 404 Page Designs

Everyone in this world has to face some problems which may be personal or from outer but he must be face them. In same case global world of networks also has to face some problems which may be for reconstruction, recreation or might be for some another error or default. Then we see the 404 page for excuse message from the website. The Creative and superb 404 page design is that, that do not let the visitor go for some other site. It must let the visitor to the home page of any site. And the visitor cannot go to any other site because the entertaining 404 page inspire the visitor.So, I bring a beautiful collection of 15 Creative but funny 404 Page Designs for your inspiration.

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15 Great Photos Of The Olympic Cauldron 2012

The Olympic Cauldron was emphasizing of Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympics in London. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the cauldron symbolize the best moment of the opening ceremony and continue the Olympics’ best-kept clandestine until unveiling. The cauldron featured 204 copper petals, every one representing one of the challenging nations. The petals were bringing to the stadium by every team as element of the athletes’ march. As each team completed their entrance, they attached a petal to a long pipe in a ring at the centre of the arena. The 204 petals then rose simultaneously, forming a giant Olympic torch for the entire world to witness. For full coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London, have a look is this gallery.

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Amazing Currency Collages By Rodrigo Torres

Brazilian artist Rodrigo Torres creates eye-catching three-dimensional collages by cautiously spiteful and layering currency from all above the world. Similar to artist Scott Campbell, Rodrigo Torres observes paper currency in a different way than the majority people. He doesn’t see it like an exchangeable appliance, an approach to purchase requirements or opulence. He sees it as somewhat to cut into, an unbelievable art variety in the making.

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Mesmerizing Dominican Republic Beaches

The Dominican Republic presents several most stunning white sandy beaches in the entire earth! This exclusive Caribbean tropical island has got kilometers and kilometers of glowing sand seashore, crystal clear turquoise oceanic water, and also astonishing lines of palms initiate from start to finish the assured beach. The marvelous beaches include peaceful, cool locations. The Dominican Republic has over 200 miles of spectacular beaches along the coastline of the island that stretches for over 800 miles. To list the top 10 beaches is indeed a daunting task, and surely a matter of taste, as they are as diverse as the geological makeup of the interior, and each has its own style, attractions, and beauty. Nevertheless we will try, and beg forgiveness if we have neglected one of your favorites.

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Stunning Girls Photography By Brandon Witzel

A portrait will be a photograph, painting or sketch which is make from an artist to whichever someone In portrait the face expression is also obvious and what I say about portraits because portraits is astonishing thing and you can observe each expression of face this is not a small object to make it. Here I am representing 20 most beautiful digital portraits of pretty girls. You can see every color in these pictures portraits. Gorgeous Photography by Los Angeles, CA based photographer Brandon Witzel.

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Pets With Their Owners

People and animals on the internet is the wonderful photo. It is a specialist in animal photos. Me and my cat is nearly as older as the Internet. Now, when the network is full of billions of picture of people with cats, carpets or curtains on the background can not believe, that pictures of people with their animals can look civilized. And yet the artists are not an impossible task! Hot love to our younger brothers accompanied life:

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