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Beautiful Ice Skating Pictures Showcase

Everyone like so much ice skating and also love to snow fight. Winter is really amazing and full of enjoyments and winter also make earth more beautiful specially the big mountains looks really beautiful when mountains cover from high snow.  It’s time to have fun the easy happiness of ice skating. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has give ice-covered playgrounds for all to enjoy. Ice skating have a lot of types, speed skating, professional hockey, figure skating, sliding around on a pond. In the Netherlands, wish was high that the Elfstedentocht, or Eleven towns trip, could take location on freezing tube for the first time since 1997, but ice thickness was thus far insufficient to support the estimated 16,000 skaters who would take part in the 124 mile happening. Techendorf, Austria hosted an alternate event for 6,000. Gathered here are images of people enjoying the blend of smooth ice and iron alloy blades.

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Mind Blowing Dancers Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is an skill in itself that need an talent and correctness as we know; it is one of the most creative skill forms to make wonderful digital age. I already posted here many manipulated artworks which is well treated by talented artist, You can also see them by just click here. These giving pictures explain an astonishing collection of photo manipulation skill linked to music and pretty dancers. This outstanding pictures collection of music and dancers photo manipulation gives you amazing inspiration that you can find surely Blow Your Mind. So let’s have a look underneath “Inspiring Mind Blowing Dancers Photo manipulation”. It’s really inspirational and should watch too.

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