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Beautiful Evening Dresses By Hina Rana

Girls always confuse in chose a correct dress for any event. So we decided to post here different events dresses after time to time for inspiration of pretty girls and boys both. Boys also can buy fabulas pretty dresses for someone special. Today you are going to look here formal Evening Wear Long Shirt Dresses, These beautiful stunning long shirts dresses are designed in according to cultural Shalwar Kameez manner by fashion designer Hina Rana customized stylishness for evening dress in and Party wear. Hina Rana’s Designer Evening Dresses are very Funky and Exotic Party wear collection for Girls even you are also wear in wedding ceremonies etc. Hina Rana The most beautiful and famous Pakistani Designer also designed Bridal wear collection for Wedding occasion. Lets have a look below beautiful party dresses designs and gorgeous pakistani model photoshoot, these all are photos are taken by yasir qayyum photographer.

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Different Artist Artworks Of Keira Knightley

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, A very well known quote, I’m confident you all acquiesce with this saying. That is the reality of attractiveness. No need to say that every person is separate and no two persons can think alike (at smallest not about everything) even if they are illustrate a single personality, there notion will disagree. And this is the basic concept behind today’s showcase. Today, I’m going to showcase the work of diverse artists depicting “Keira knightly” in different mediums of art. You will see the attractive variety of notions here. So, let’s start our thought provoking trip.

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Tyler Gray Humorous Advertising Photography

Tyler Gray is an reward charming North America living humor advertisement photographer. I really like this type of photography because advertisements photography is full of entertainments and humor things. His photographs presenting the funny things in the world, his photography collection is really stylish and the hyper real, constructing a photographic narrative that blurs the line between reality and imagination.  Tyler’s images come from a outlook of the world from side to side his eyes, ears and mind creating a unique and immersive body of consideration aggravate photography. When he’s not behind the camera, Tyler can be found altering diapers, hanging’ with his two youthful girls and catching up on sleep. Tyler’s clients include Budweiser, LG, Sony and Subaru among others.

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World Most Beautiful Queens Victoria Waterfalls

If you really love the nature beauty and nature wonders then you must need to see our today’s post, Today I am going to post here amazing wonder of the world, Its really a big wonder for me and also for those peoples whose love nature beauty. I am talking on waterfall yes this is not a common waterfall, its so high and its name is Victoria fall and its best known with the name of World’s widest waterfall. Its wide is 1,708m ( 5,604 ft), situated on the River Zambesi on the Zambia – Zimbabwe border. The full measurement of the river plunges in a vertical drop into a transverse chasm below, made up of 7 gorges.  The falls were named after Queen Victoria visit, with its original name being Mosi – oa – Tunya, which means ‘ the smoke that thunders’. You can get a lot if historical details on this best waterfall but I bet you did not find better images more then below pictures showcase. Lets have a look.

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2012 Lawn Dresses Collection By Sadia

Making a perfect combine of exotic and traditional designs and also set in exciting hues and flowers different design printed on premium quality fabric is what Sadia Designers Collection 2012is all about. Sadia carries with it an experience of 20 years in the textile industry. beginning from the bases of comprehend everything about cotton fabric, yarns, weaving, dyeing and printing fabrics, his story is that of a casual interest in textiles which fast became a passion fueled by ability, propel and aspiration. Have a gaze to the entire assemblage 2012 by Sadia designer lawn 2012.

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Super Heroes Illustration Artwork By Alex Tuis

Today i am showing you here an artist artwork who is the fan of super heroes. This unusual “career” is off to the artist Alex Tui, but without having to leave the profession of freelance creativities. As a fan of superhero films, he was all new editions of the “Captain America”​​, “Spiderman” thrilled of course. Only bothered him a little each time, that his personal favorite actors embody the characters heroistiischen. To change this put Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Naomi Harris (Tia Dalma in Pirates of the Caribbean) by means of digital portraits in the superhero Costumes of Colossus, Thor, Hulk and the others. In particular, the choice of Bruce Lee for Spider-Man would have, in my opinion, can not fault it.We hope that you should like below super heroes artworks.

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Outstanding Inspiration Of Eggshell Carving

Now in these artistic world you don’t say little to anything because you don’t know how a artist make artwork with that thing and that goes to popular like egg, egg is very simple and cheap in the whole world but some artist make it interesting with carving artwork. They carve the eggshell and make different and interesting things with eggshell. In all these thing one name is most popular Artist Brian Baity is one of the best eggshell carving and they can make anything in that small thing. Brian Baity innovatively convert eggs from an ostrich, parakeet, chicken into a beautiful sculpted art section. Now these days different artist make different artworks with eggshells like someone make paintings on eggs and some makes funny smiles and faces expressions for only giving a little time of entertainment. Lets have a look below beautiful listed eggshells sculptures may you also inspire from them and creative a your own artwork.

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