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Ek Tha Tiger Upcoming Bollywood Movie

Bollywood is now going to crazy; every month beautiful hit movies release from bollywood and also gets fame in peoples. Indian peoples love to watch bollywood movies and they too much like to see salman and Katrina films and now no need to wait more because both celebrities are appear in yash raj films. Salman and Katrina both are look beautiful and stunning together. This film name is Ek Tha Tiger and its directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra. This film is totally romantic story and tiger mean salman khan fight for his love. This film shooting will be starting in july and its released in the 2012 mid. Below we are giving some beautiful moments of the films. Lets have a look below movie posters and images.

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Beautiful Photography Of European Winter Season

As we know that winter is really a enjoyful season but its also create a lot of problem for public and traveler due to the five or more then five feet snow. While the U.S. continues to bask in the heat of an unusually mild winter, powerful winter on the European Continent, has maintain approximately 300 lives from Switzerland to Rome as warmth drop up to -22 Fahrenheit (-30°C)  across Europe. Also, extremely harsh winter has claimed at least 200 lives in Russia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Serbia… since the beginning of the year. Some peoples really enjoying the clod weather but some peoples seem as fighting with snow. Lets have a look below beautiful photography below photography is showing all the things.

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Norvz Austria Creative Photos Manipulation Artwork

Norvz Austria artist of abstract manipulation art of life that plagues peoples and twist them into fantastic works of digital art manipulation. These concepts include the unchanging fleeting of time, internal emptiness and the puzzling array of paths a person can take in life. Norvz Austria shows these ideas through the use of timepieces, doorways and clouded image frames. He is founded in the Philippines, Norvz Austria is a self-taught digital creative person. The deepness and minutia of each piece makes this an outstanding feat. According to Norvz Austria, “I begun making digital artworks when I was looking for wallpaper that I like and I couldn’t find one so I have to make my own.” His work often illustrates his feelings and dreams. Below I attached some beautiful creative photos manipulation that you should like.

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Ultimate Animals Illustration By Nicholas Di Genova

I really love animals and love to add here most beautiful cute animals post but this is really amazing for me illustration of animals, these are not only animals these are ultimate animals according to artist. Toronto based creative person Nicholas Di Genova shows unbelievable hybrid creatures utilising not anything more than ink on paper. His terrifying combination of reptiles, mammals, aquatic and plants life often characteristic densely compacted textures of hair and scales that appear to multiply like fractals on the exterior of the animal’s skin. Below we are listed 10 most beautiful and strange his artwork illustration. Below animals is really looking very weird and this combination is really hilarious.

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Latest USA Police Car Pictures Collection

A police car one of the best sport car which used only for ground. You can see many police cars on the road but you cant see all the world police cars designs, every country give special car to police according to the aria for protect the peoples and also for other police work. As you know that USA is one of the most beautiful rich and fantastic country where you can easily find fastest car but I think you should need to remain that is police vehicle is more then fast what ever you buy. There are many types of police cars like traffic car, response car, patrol car, multi purpose car, and rescue unite and much more. Some of police car is only make for street racers I mean to say that cars are only make for catch them, and for that purpose cop car must be a sport car and cop driver is must be young and rider, Some days ago USA police introduced new car design which is really beautiful and speed. Below I will attach some pictures of that car. Let’s have a look and enjoy your time.

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Less Light Photography By Luis Mariano Gonzalez

Nature is mother of everything they did astonishing wonders which out of human minds and human cant have ability to copy that things, Every day nature conceives awesome colors in atmosphere which is not remain identical everyday even after some hours nature changes the colors and lightning and make sky very beautiful. Today we are showing you here some beautiful dark photography of nature. These photographs are taken by Luis Mariano Gonzalez. He is really very famous photographer and you can find many his photography on internet, I put here selective nature photos which is inspiring and best in my eye, I hope you also like my collection, Enjoy

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15 Breathtaking Underwater Dogs Photography

I really love to playing with my dog and I also love to take photos of my beautiful pet dog but I really cant take like below photos because these below pet dogs photography is taken from under the water and in the water dogs really give evil look. But truth it is that dog jump into the water to take the playing boll and photographer take shoot right there. The photographer name is Seth Casteel, Seth Casteel is one of the best animals life style photographers whose takes number of breathtaking photos of animals. Seth is a lifestyle pet animals photographer and he is living in Chicago and Los Angeles and he is 24 hours available and ready to take photo shoots nation-wide, specializes in documentary-style pet photography, The finishing outcome are beautiful, astonishing flash of your pet’s personality arrest in photographs that will last forever. Lets have a look below beautiful dogs pictures whose striking in the water.

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