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Fast and Furious Cars Collection

I am biggest fan of Fast and Furious movies series and i am also like racing movies and want to also do that in real life. This is collection of fast and furious cars which is used in movie that cars normally called modified or custom cars. Custom cars have own look and own attraction. Apparently, there’s still gas in the tank for the The Fast and the Furious franchise. Fast Five, the fifth installment, lived up to studio expectations, at least from a box-office perspective, quickly separating moviegoers from $86 million of their hard-earned money on opening weekend. That not only marks the second-highest-grossing car-themed flick opener (2006’s Cars was $60.1 million), but it’s also the biggest April debut ever (2009’s Fast and Furious is second). Here are 25 best cars pictures collection. These cars are super fast and ready for race.

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Street Fighter Characters Get Inspired By Tron

I really like tron movie and love to make own tron but not much time to do, But i am also like street fighter games and their characters therefore i already posted here many images on street fighters characters like Street Fighter Wall Artwork and Street Fighter Players Images. Street Fighter commonly abbreviated as SF, is a series of fighting games developed in Japan in which the players pit the video games’ competitive fighters from around the world, each with his or her own unique fighting style, against one another. In today’s post we’ve featured a really awesome set of Street Fighter Characters, Lets have a look beautiful and amazing street fighter tron characters.

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30 Stunning Digital Photo Manipulation Inspiration

In this collection we are going to show you 30 awesome and best examples of Digital Art and Photo Manipulation, when digital art and photo manipulation is gather the a stunning result appear , This collection is really awesome and out standing where an artist play with different kind of elements to create something special like you can find below. In this manipulation artist use different type of skill and also use latest manipulated brushed and other thing which make manipulation better. We really much appreciate those designers who have done this Amazing Digital Artworks. I should tell you that only very first image is  looking funny or funny manipulation but other all is just awesome. Lets you refresh your mind. Please don’t forget to share your Comments with us!

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20 Beautiful Modified Cars

Almost peoples change their cars into custom modified cars and make it better with colors and engine power etc.  A custom car is modified according to the wishes of the owner or even a different vehicle series production vehicles composed of vehicle. Customizing vehicles to increase the performance, see vehicle tuning , but also all other requirements of owners, the installation of huge sound systems on the implementation of style ideas on how the optical design of a van in the knight or pirate style using airbrush and accessories, through to conversions for hunters how the installation of mounts for hunting rifles and a tub for killed wild game. The term modified car is given to any vehicle that has been upgraded with aftermarket parts and components in order to change or enhance its properties, be it from a styling, audio or performance stand point. The term is generally used to describe modern vehicles and mainly covers smaller hatchback or coupe cars, compared to custom cars that usually involve older vehicles, typically with higher displacement engines. Here we have 20 best modified cars which give gaming car look. These are really wonderful and everyone like to ride in it.

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Unique Digital Artwork By Yoaz

This is really looking strange but its new technique digital artwork its art made by talented artist Yoaz. Yoaz is 22 years old and get involved in the digital art from about two years ago, when he start to paint characters. After that, he started to draw some abstract art, and decided to change it into digital art, which brought him to what he is doing and in present. His inspirations are Picasso for the way he treats portraits, always distorted but you can understand what he draws anyways, Keith Harring, for his shapes and energy, and Shepard Fairey, for the strength that conveys from his works. Yoaz work in Adobe Illustrator and after use Adobe Photoshop to give more power to the image.

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Celebrities Without Eyebrows

This is the part of photo manipulation but i would like to add in mine celebrities category. Just think how katy parry look without her eyebrows, Definitely she look weird and not beautiful. Some people get tired of seeing rich, beautiful, famous people being rich, famous and beautiful. If you’re one of those people, you probably secretly appreciate celebs being passively taken down a peg. You might be the type to appreciate a few photos of them looking freakish and ugly in some manner, like if they were missing their eyebrows perhaps? For anyone who’s drunkenly shaved their eyebrows (as we assume EVERYONE has) you’ll know that no matter who it is, if they’re missing their eyebrows, they look at least a little bit like Gollum. Here are 10 famous female celebrities pictures which should make your day best.

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Andrew Smith Nature Mix Photography

Nature in any face look so adorable they always tech the humanity with differnet faces, Every day Nature colors is special and different, everyday nature give breath the new sun and moon with differnt colors. everyday the saky color is chnaged and give awesome look. so i decided to post here nature related images so i found a great photographer pictures. The photographer name is Andrew Smith. Andrew Smith is a photographer and designer based in New Zealand. Here we have mix nature photography. the very first image of this collection is really awesome its look like sun goes in sea and sea waves are upper the the sun but its not sea waves the sky cloud looks like waves. Here is 20 best images collection.

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