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25 Best Example Of Photography On Right Moments

Photography have a lot of kinds i cannot know all these but here i present here best kind of photography. Today i am also going to share with you an amazing photography kid which name is Photography taken at right time. Its really hard task but its give funny result. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes this ain’t exactly right. Distance overlapping, positions, and timing can sometimes create a brand new perspective of a photo. This weekend, we want to show you 25 Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angle, a compilation of photos taken at the exact right timing and angle, thus creating a humor side of the story; intentionally or unintentionally.

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Beautiful Tattoos Like Video Gaming Characters

Here i already posted many tattoos designs but its really very clean and totally wonderful tattoos which match with video gaming characters. We’ve seen so many cool tattoos of video game characters, especially old school favorites like Mario, Zelda and Pacman. And while they’re fun expressions of a passion for gaming they do kind of peg you as a geek. Not that that’s a bad thing, but if you want to be a bit more subtle instead of getting a tattoo OF your favorite character get a tattoo LIKE your favorite character. Video game characters have sported tattoos since the days of the arcade and are becoming even more common today thanks to realistic graphics that allow for much more detail. Here are 21 video game characters with cool tattoos, as well as some real life replicas.

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Beautiful No Evil Art Project By Graffiti

Bristol is now the proud hosts of the UK’s largest permanent street Graffiti Project in Europe. The ‘See No Evil’ street project can be seen on Nelson Street, Bristol. The world’s leading street artists will be putting their stamp on ten multi-story buildings. Bristol has always been known for its street art especially after the artist Banksy put Bristol on the map as his street art birth place. This graffiti in bristol has been created by some of the following Bristol graffiti artists.The See No Evil project on Nelson Street in Bristol will see several multi-storey buildings in the street covered with art over the coming days.will become a major tourist attraction for the city, often said to the spiritual home of Banksy.

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Pretty Hot Models Wearing Prom Gowns

It is really wonderful post on prom grown which wear beautiful hot models. Prom dresses and ball gowns in the latest styles have arrived, and 2011 will mark a new decade and a special year for prom. We have prom dresses in all styles, from full-length formal gowns to short and sassy prom dresses. A good approach to begin off in looking of the unique prom dress  is to appear at bridesmaid clothes to discover a dress no 1 else will be wearing to prom. Most people today appear for “prom” dresses and never believe to take a look at dresses for weddings. Even in case you do purchase a prom dress you will find quite a few issues you’ll be able to do to it to create it exceptional and a single of a kind. Unique Prom DressUse contrasting colours or complementary colors. A pink gown is enhanced having a dark pink or gray. A black gown can handle a daring coloration like red or purple. A white costume will go along with just about anything. Blue dresses might look good with a gold or unique shade of blue sash. Match the sash together with your dates tux cummerbund.

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World Cutest South Korean Actress Jang Nara

Jang Na-Ra is korean actress born in march 1981 she is beautiful and lovely singer is much popular due to her acting she did a lot of tv daramas. Jang Na-Ra graduated from ChungAng University in February 2010, ten years after enrolling in the school. Her studies were delayed due to her entertainment career. On February 19 at her school’s graduation ceremony Jang Na-Ra also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the school. Here we have collection of cutest actress and singer jang nara, some below pictures is taken her picnic and some pictures are the best photos of her. She is to much gorgeous and pretty skin lovely figure. Below images are so much pretty and you should like one of them.

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Most Beautiful Ring Decoration With Food

This is collection on most beautiful and amazing rings jewelry which really very delicious lolllzzzz.. This rings make me hungry. The era of handmade jewelry has turned everyone from an unknown cool chic playing around with fimo into an artist overnight. Tones of colorful and unusual earrings, bracelets, rings in the most unimaginable shapes are available for us to complete our outfits in original way. However, would you imagine just for a moment to wear your favorite food on a ring? No, the picture above is not a tasty refreshment, it’s actually a miniature food ring realized by  Canadian artist living in Japan Sofia Molnar. Her jewelries, named SouZouCreations, are individually crafted from plastic and glue with a huge attention to detail and resemble amazingly well the combinations of foods from reality.I think that those food rings are so amazingly cute, it’s impossible not to like them, at least a bit. Would you wear them? At what outfits do you think they would go? I don’t know about you, but they would make me hungry all the time!

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20 Most Beautiful Stylish Powerful Cars

I think nobody dislike a car every body love to have own stylish racing car. What makes a car more powerful than others? It’s the engine “Horse Power”. Greater than 1000 HP engine cars are included in this list. These are 10 most superb and powerful cars in world. There is something about the power behind the wheel of a car that can bring on a rush of adrenalin. Any car-crazy person will endorse that. While each individual will draw up his or her own list of favorites when it comes to the top ten most powerful road cars, there’s a generic list with today’s market in view that everyone will more or less concur with. Which cars, then, can feature in our top ten most powerful road car list? Money certainly counts, but a car comes second to a home, so here is a look at the most likely contenders:

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