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25 Stunning Vexel Art Inspiration

I’m sure that you’ve heard of vector art and that you have probably seen some beautiful illustrations and designs made by using this creative and always somewhat different form of graphic design. Ok, so there’s a new trend in this domain that’s called Vexel. It somehow improves the illustration by adding a marvellous sense of depth and volume to it, which is pretty difficult to achieve, if not out of question, with just vector. So, in the showcase we’re presenting today you will see some pretty amazing vexel art illustrations and maybe, it will be possible to sense the difference between these two techniques. Although both are pixel-based, they use different kinds of layers. To create vectors there are used vector layers, but in the case of vexels, the layers used are raster type, which give an exclusively wonderful aspect to the image in comparison with vector-based illustrations.

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Funny New Banana Artwork

This is collection on beautiful food fun. I have already posted here funny artwork with food like, Craziest Fun With Food, Funny Eggs Face Expressions. Banana are usages for different purpose in these days like some of peoples draw different thing on banana with paints if you know that banana carving this is an amazing artwork in this art banana cutting in different shapes and those shapes looks so beautiful. Otherwise banana is delicious. You can make milk shake, fruit salad etc. In addition to all their delicious nutritional value, they also can be used to create some truly amazing pictures of art, like the ones featured below. This is what happens when somebody has far too much time on their hand, a dozen bananas, and a Sharpie. Funny face expression make banana more delicious. Have a look on our pictures.

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The Exapmle Of True Love Malena & Klepetan

I am going to showing here extremely love story of two birds. Love and loyalty are the words when we talk about two storks from Brodska Varos, Croatia. It all began in 1993 when Stjepan Vokic, a school superintendent in Brodska Varos, found a stork with a hurt wing from a hunter’s bow. He adopted this bird and has since then healed it because the poor stork could obviously no longer fly. He named the stork Malena, and during the whole winter he took good care of her. 9 years ago another stork named Klepetan fell in love with Malena. Each spring, Klepetan returns from warmer climates back to Malena, on the same day, almost at the same hour. Since then, the happy couple from Brodska Varos has made 35 baby birds.

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15 Stylish Nails Artwork

This is new era of fashion styles, teen age girls and boys going to crazy to adopt new trends of fashion. In these days the new trend in fashion world is work on nail and its become so popular with the name of nails artwork on internet. Girls search on internet different type of nails shape and art and try to make own nails but its difficult to do in first time. So today I am going to share with you an amazing collection on nails art. In this collection you can find amazing nails design mean shapes and nail polish styles. Sparkle on the nail polish make nail more attractive like sparkle menhdi tattoos or menhdi designs. Celebrities also use nails artwork most of celebrities make own face on nail i should like to also post those images. I also post here beautiful nails post like Mindblowing nail art, nail portrait. Now this time enjoy nails artwork. I really hope that you should like one of them.

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Wonderful Realistic Photo Manipulation

This is collection on beautiful and realistic manipulation of nature pictures by Michal Karcz. Manipulation is also an art to change the real picture into manipulated image. Michal Karcz was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. He has graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw. His journey into the world of photography began in the early 90′s, but at that time Michal’s biggest passion was painting. Painting helped him develop vision that was hard to create. But this is not painting listed below these are super duper realistic manipulation. These are high definition pictures everything is clean and clear. It is extremely mountain beauty pics, peoples loves nature beautification therefore i posted here amazing nature pictures manipulation for entertainment.

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Paul Westcombe Coffee Cup Artwork

The most boring part of an office has to be the plain paper coffee cups. They are white or grey and there is never anything special with them. This has noticed by the talented artist Paul Westcombe. He has taken several random coffee cups and made them fun and colorful with a lot of cool designs. Every cup has its own name that maybe doesn’t fit the cup’s design, but it makes sense in an artistic way. The drawings are messy, surreal but very detailed, and Westcombe hasn’t let any spot be white and boring. Some of the cups have even paintings on them which gives the cups a more serious look in comparison to the others. It is just one thing that I find strange, and that is how he managed to draw so precise on a paper coffe cup that is “moving” all the time; that definitely had to be some amazing drawing skills. Some sill consider the drawings as repulsive because they have some nudity, blood and ripped body parts, but after all there are almost only adults that drink coffee.

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30 Best Example Of Morning Dew Beauty

Today I am explain here the beauty of morning dew with 30 fresh images. This is really amazing to see nature beautiful moments. Dew is water in the form of droplets that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning or evening. As the exposed surface cools by radiating its heat, atmospheric moisture condenses at a rate greater than that at which it can evaporate, resulting in the formation of water droplets. When temperatures are low enough, dew takes the form of ice; this form is called frost. Because dew is related to the temperature of surfaces, in late summer it is formed most easily on surfaces which are not warmed by conducted heat from deep ground, such as: grass, leaves, railings, car roofs, and bridges. On this gallery, there will be only grass, butterfly, leaves & flowers. I’ve sorted some of the best morning dew photos from internet. Enjoy the gallery!

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