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Funny Pictures Collection

Fun is also color of life most of the peoples who fall in love that says love is life and with out love life have no color but i want to say and try to describe here with the some really beautiful and funny staff that fun is also necessary thing and if you lose this then you must be fad up with life and you don’t want live more. So here i posted some beautiful and pretty funny pictures, In very first pictures a men try to hit a rat lolllzzzzzz. And yes some of my pictures is interesting like no feeding board but a little animal start eat the sign board and mush more staff i have so must see this and feel free to give your comment below the post.

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Renault Capture Future Car

The concept of capture is a crossover with a removable roof, diesel engine, butterfly doors, and interior bungee-cord. Renault says this is an example of future styling direction of the brand and also that the concept signifies the production model. Renault Capture which is close in size to the alliance partner Nissan Juke, is made of carbon fiber and has a removable hardtop that allows for that to change with the coupe to a convertible crossed. Front fender is painted orange round matte, as detailed in the bottom of the door and most of the back. Removable lid lifts off to reveal the carbon fiber frame. This concept 22-inch wheels made to look bigger with a design that spilled into the tire.

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Beautiful Mansory Zapico Bike

The Zapico is the first custom motorcycle from Mansory, a German tuning company. Mansory is known for customizing four wheeled vehicles, particularly those that are absolutely fine in stock condition, such as Bentleys, Aston Martins and assorted Italian supercars. The Zapico, though, appears to be a ground up build reportedly by a chap called “Thomas M. George”, a new name to me. Most of the visible surfaces on this bike are carbon fiber, while the engine is an S&S 124ci V-twin, a mill that will be familiar to US-based bike builders. There’s no word on the price, which probably falls into the “If you have to ask” category. Rest assured that we won’t be featuring this one in next year’s Bike EXIF calendar.

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Beautiful Andrey Artworks

Andrey Lazarev is an aspiring artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. He sketches are very detailed and capture the emotions correctly. He draws mostly human faces and show their real beauty. Proficient both in English and Russian language, he uses variety of designs in his work. You will certainly like interesting work of this Russian Artist. This Work is really so amazing here are some beautiful and eyes cooling artworks images. These artwork created maybe in some graphic software therefore its looks almost like digital artworks. You know digital artworks really so wonderful and everything in digital art so clean and clear. here are some collection of images have you look and tell about it your worthy comments.

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Unbelievable Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material. Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime. The lifetime of a sculpture is determined primarily by the temperature of its environment and thus, a sculpture can last from mere minutes to possibly months. There are several ice festivals held around the world, hosting competitions of ice sculpture carving. In Canada, Quebec City, Quebec holds an ice sculpture festival each year during the Quebec City Winter Carnival. The sculpture festival lasts about three weeks.

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Beautiful Koenigsegg Agera R

It’s not every day that Koenigsegg reveals a new super car, but the Koenigsegg Agera R  is more than a welcome sight.  This Swedish stunner will be one of the fastest debuts at the Geneva Motor Show this week, with more muscle than a freight train under the hood.  The Agera R is powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an astounding 1,115 horsepower.  For the record, that’s 100 more horsepower than Koenigsegg’s last supercar, the Trevita.  That power will push the Agera R well into the 200 mph range in a matter of seconds. Aside from the muscle, the Koenigsegg Agera R is a machine of rare beauty.  This version, one of likely just a few to be produced, features a Speed Racer colorway with an emphasis on pure white with black and red accents.

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20 Best And Colorful 3D Pictures

3D art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use 3D technology as an essential part of the creative and or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art, and 3D art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art. The impact of 3D technology has transformed traditional activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture, while new forms, such as net art, 3D installation art, and virtual reality, have become recognized artistic practices. More generally the term 3D artist is used to describe an artist who makes use of 3D technologies in the production of art. In an expanded sense, “3D art” is a term applied to contemporary art that uses the methods of mass production or 3D media.

25 Best And Colorful 3D Pictures

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