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25 Beautiful Illustrations

When you will see then you will realize that you are not just looking at an ordinary design or illustrator because you are experiencing something that you cannot find in many illustrators When you visit Justin Maller’s profile, you can spend a lot of time watching his amazing Artwork and enjoy this great combination of colors and line that merge to form a wonderful balance in every piece of his artwork. Justin does not only depend on illustrations in his Artwork; he has great ability to merge between illustrations, photo manipulation and different effects in one artwork and still maintain a deep unity in the style of the Artwork elements. While the amount of the illustrations vs. photos density varies from one Artwork to another, he can easily melt between each of them using the colors and lines.He is really done a well job here because i cannnot see any of illutration look like this , This is really so beautiful and attractive Have a look blow the collection of 25 beautiful illustrations.

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Longest Bench In The World

The longest bench in Britain and soon to the longest one in the world was opened to the the public in Littlehampton, West Sussex on the 30th July 2010. The bench has a seating capacity of over 300 people and lies along Littlehampton’s promenade, overlooking the town’s Blue Flag beach. The bench winds along the town’s promenade, meandering around lampposts, bending behind bins, and ducking down into the ground to allow access between the beach and the Green. The 324-meter-long bench is made from thousands of hardwood bars reclaimed from sources including old seaside groynes and rescued from landfill. The variety of reclaimed timbers sports splashes of bright colour wherever the bench wriggles, bends or dips. The bench is interspersed by two giant shelters within which bench loops and turns and bounces off the wall. It is quite a sight.

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20 Glamour Portraits By Joanna Kustra

Photography is the art, science, and practice of creating still pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors. Photography uses foremost radiation in the UV, visible and near-IR spectrum. For common purposes the term light is used instead of radiation. The following sensual portraits from talented London based photographer Joanna Kustra  will surely make your day nicer. In this extremely beautiful collection each one will find photo according to his taste. Evry photo tell the real beauty of girl really these Joanna did good work. These are not model i think so its normal house girls but they get getup like a model or celebrity. Joanna’s photos are a real riot of styles: black and white, retro, glamour, natural, fashion. But every photo, every portrait is a truly masterpiece.

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25 Photobombing Monsters

The word “photobomb” is relatively new, but the practice of “photobombing” has been around for years. We have all fallen victim to a photobomber at one time or another – usually at a party, on holiday or in a pub/club.The principle of a photobomb is simple,it is a photograph that has been “spoiled” by somebody who is not supposed to be in the photograph. The term “spoiled” is relative of course. Many people will not consider the photograph to be spoiled as it will now viewed in an entirely different context. With the advent of the digital camera and the mobile phone has come a whole plethora of imagery from all sorts of places cameras never used to be. Nowadays almost everyone has a camera of some sort with them nearly all of the time. Images are captured on the beach, in the car, at the pub and God knows where else. This means the playground for intrepid photobombers is everywhere. It is just a matter of looking out for those opportunities and diving in.

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Amazing Creative Soap Designs

As every one know about soap that In chemistry, soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Soap is mainly used for washing, bathing, and cleaning, but soaps are also important components of lubricants. Soaps for cleansing are obtained by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline  solution. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides: three molecules of fatty acids attached to a single molecule of glycerol. The alkaline solution, often lye, promotes a chemical reaction known as saponification. In saponification, fats are broken down (hydrolyzed) yielding crude soap. Fats are transformed into salts of fatty acids and glycerol is liberated, leaving glycerin as a byproduct. But here we going to introduced some so beautiful and amazing creative soap designs. These designs you never see in around. just have a look and enjoy our collection.

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20 Most Gorgeous Girls

Everyone want beautiful thing like beautiful car like Ferrari, beautiful home etc and also want a pretty girl like our these pretty girls pictures collection. These girls really so beautiful and attractive and these photography by unknown photographer but he or she done a great and fantastic job. These girls look like US girls you know US is so popular and beautiful place and there are every person not only girls but also boys are too beautiful, In US boys modeling is so popular. This collection of girls are not models but these girls so simple like normal life girl but these are have a quailty that she is much beautiful as like model and celebrity. Girls are really so powerful in this century because girls doing everything, She is doing homes jobs, office jobs and modeling, acting and much more. If i describe here everything about girl then i must take a lot of days. So i just stop our self here and you can see so beautiful and pretty girls images collection.

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Cute Babes With Prevalence Tattoos

Tattoos have experienced a resurgence in popularity in many parts of the world, particularly in North and South America, Japan, and Europe. The growth in tattoo culture has seen an influx of new artists into the industry, many of whom have technical and fine arts training. Coupled with advancements in tattoo pigments and the ongoing refinement of the equipment used for tattooing, this has led to an improvement in the quality of tattoos being produced. During the first decade of the 21st century, the presence of tattoos became evident within pop culture, inspiring television shows such as A&E’s Inked and TLC’s Miami Ink and LA Ink. The decoration of blues singer Janis Joplin with a wristlet and a small heart on her left breast, by the San Francisco tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle, has been called a seminal moment in the popular acceptance of tattoos as art.

Cute Prevalence Tattoos Girls

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